Sergio Mattarella sworn-in as the President of Italy

Sergio MattarellaQues. Who has been elected as new Preseident of Italy?
Ans. Sergio Mattarella, 73, was elected by lawmakers of Italy to succeed Giorgio Napolitano. Sergio Mattarella was sworn-in as the President of Italy.

Ques. Who will he replace?
Ans. Sergio Mattarella will replace Giorgio Napolitano.

Ques. How was he elected?
Ans. Sergio Mattarella was elected after three inconclusive rounds of voting, in which no other candidate secured the two-thirds majority that is needed to win the election. Sergio Mattarella won the election in the fourth round of voting that required merely a simple majority of 1009 eligible voters to produce result. His vote passed the threshold of 505-vote needed to get elected as the President.

Some more facts about the News:

1. He is the 12th President of Italy since the country became a Republic after World War II.

2. President’s position is a ceremonial role in Italy but the President reserves the power to appoint a Prime Minister of the country. The president’s term of office lasts for seven years.

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