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Characteristics of Mollusca Opla Bilaterally symmetrical. except Geshopda (1) (2) Body has more than two cell layers, tissues and organs. Body without cavity.. 2(3) (4) Body possesses a through gut with mouth and anuJS Body monomeric and highly variable in form, may possess a d protein and calcareous spicules. (5) satam rith a circum-oesophagal ring, ganglia
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    Gastropods are asymmetric due to torsion iof their body means rotation of soft body part totally 180 ° . Gut is the part of allimentary canal where as body cavity is the gap in ha...
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    what part you could not understand
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    good question Gurmeet
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    Mark me best or answered if I am able to clear your doubt.
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    sir there are two word rigy and clades. i didn't found there meanings.