Shweta thakur Asked a Question
June 3, 2020 9:30 pmpts 30 pts
sir which has strong bond o-h or o-s plz expalin sir ....
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  • Shweta thakur
    no mam thanku
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    Suman Kumar
    Sweta did you understand everything.
  • Suman Kumar
    Sweta are you facing any problem?
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  • Suman Kumar
    Bond strength and ionisation is different thing. Don't be confused dear.
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    Suman Kumar
    I have seen many confused in this
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    Sweta I think you are confused because of H+ removal. Let me explain you H+ is removed in water which is called ionisation that's why it is called acid because water has tendency t...
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    Shweta thakur
  • Suman Kumar thankyou
    Ofcourse it's o-h bond. I am sending the data.
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  • Dinesh khalmaniya
    is it SO or SH???
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    Shweta thakur
    sir h2so4 ke context main pooch ri thi
  • Lingareddy
    check it
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