Talk to yourself – A sign of sanity


Though we all live in a noisy world, many people struggle with too much silence in their life. There is always some stages in life when a person need to listen to his inner voice and communicate with himself instead of looking for a right person who can guide, encourage, motivate, and give him the support when he need it.
A person can feel lonely not only because of physical absence of some close people and relative around him, but it can be also due to – social phobia, unrealistic expectations – and depression caused due to it, discouragement by people around and negativity developed in his brain due to recent failure that he faced.

Being lonely is not that easy than it seems. But you can put yourself out from this situation by following these simple tips:

1. Compliment yourself

Why wait to get compliments from another? If you deserve them, give them to yourself. Complement yourself and your skills.

Tell yourself, the positive affirmations you have, wherever you feel them. Use them to compliment your physical attributes as well as your character traits.

The more you compliment yourself and the more love you give to yourself, you will in the end, love yourself even more and then. Blame yourself a lot less for all the mistakes you made in the past. Also, you tend to take insults and critiques pretty lightly and make a witty comebacks to the negative comments.

2. Try to understand yourself

Try to know more about yourself by self-communication. The more you will know yourself, the more you will start to love yourself.

Also, consider who you were at different points in your life, such as when you were 10, 15 and 20 and what you always wanted to be at that stages of life! It will amaze you to know yourself :D

Ask to yourself who were you then? Describe the differences between who you were and who you are becoming. How will the coming months and years transform your life?

3. Self-analyze your aim

You are responsible for your own destiny so just do only such things which will help you in achieving your aim.

Ask yourself whether you are moving in right direction to achieve your aim. Ask yourself what you can do today to get one step ahead, however small, closer to achieving your goals.

Divide your goal into subparts, and try to achieve those small goals one by one. Ask yourself, what you need to accomplish these small goals – resources, magnitude of hard work and appropriate time required to achieve the goals.

4. Accept the mistakes you have been doing so far & motivate yourself to get through it

If you have tasted failure in recent past, it’s good to ask yourself what all things you have done wrong in past, and how you can improve on your shortcomings.

Always tell that yourself that you are almost there. Always motivate yourself and never let a negative thinking come to your mind. Always see success closer than it seems, it will automatically motivate you! :D


So, compliment, respect and love yourself. If you can’t love yourself, no body will going to love you too.

Wishing you a happy life :)

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