Time to Celebrate India’s victory in Kabaddi World Cup 2014!

Women's Kabaddi wolrd cup

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What – India won Kabaddi world cup 2014.

Which Team – Indian men and women Kabaddi Teams.

Where – At Guru Govind Singh Multipurpose Stadium in Jalandar, Punjab, India.

When – On 20th Dec 2014.


Once again India showed tremendous performance in sports. Once again India won a World Cup in Kabaddi; it’s time to celebrate now! :)

Watch out Kabaddi Men’s Final Match in World Cup 2014

The Indian men’s team continued their winning streak by clinching the fifth Kabaddi World Cup title, while the women’s side bagged the crown for the fourth consecutive time, here on Friday. The grand finale of Kabbadi match was held on Guru Govind Singh Stadium, Jalandar. India men’s team played against Pakistan and women’s team played against New Zealand. Both the teams played really well.

The Competition between Indian and Pakistan men’s team was very close. You can check out the final scores of our victory, given below-

Men’s Team Score – Indian Men’s Team defeated Pakistan by 45-42 for the fourth time.

Women’s Team Score – Indian Women’s Team defeated New Zealand by 36-27 for the second time.

Awards in Men’s Teams-

India bagged prize money of 2 crore rupees as winner and Pakistan stood as first runner up, was awarded with prize money of 1 crore rupees and 2nd runner up, Iraq won prize money of 51 lakh rupees.

The Best Raiders of team (Sandeep Surakhpur from India and Shafiq Ahmad Chisti from Pakistan) and Best Stopper (Yadwinder) was awarded by Preet Tractors.

Awards in Women’s Teams-

In women’s section, India the winner of kabbaddi match, bagged prize money of 1 crore rupees and New Zealand stood as first runner up, was awarded with prize money of 51 lakh rupees and 2nd runner up, Pakistan won prize money of 25 lakh rupees.

The Best Raiders of team (Ram Bateri and Priyanks from India and Lani Perese from New Zealand) and Best Stopper (Anu Rani from India and Tito from New Zealand) was awarded with prize money of 1 lakh rupees each.

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