Tsunami completing 10 years, the one positive effect Tsunami left. It brought people together over racism, power, poverty and hate.

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26 Dec’2004, the day which proved to be a nightmare to thousands and thousands of people. The day which small children who survived the massive natural disaster relate to the ‘evil monster kind of thing’ in stories they heard from their grandparents. This disaster doesn’t needs more description. It’s the worst ever hit Indian Ocean Earthquake-Tsunami. The morning of 26th Dec’2004, nobody could have imagined that a new fresh new day could be this much heart threatening.

People affected with Tsunami still don’t want to forget what this natural disaster brought for their families, loved ones, friends, their homes, cities and almost everything. Tsunami’s impact was not only limited to a country or two but it brought sorrow and death to Indonesia(the worst hit of all the countries), Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, the Maldives and east African countries-Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania.

The Indian coastline too was massively affected by the calamitous Tsunami. Areas affected were the coastlines of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Andaman and Nicobar Island, Pondicherry.

There are no more adjectives that can explain how much destruction, death and sorrow this disaster brought to the world. A complete village of Thailand turned into a place of death within seconds leaving no signs of mankind. It expunged mankind as if it was never there.


Indonesia, maximum destruction was caused to this nation. And the nation is still coming up of this catastrophe. Aceh- an Indonesian province, the worst hit by this tragedy, still remembers this day and the people who have survived this calamity have no words to express what they have gone through. It’s only tears, and the endless pain of losing their loved ones.

The people of this state believe that Tsunami did took everything they had with it leaving them with misery, grief, pain, suffering and complete devastation of settled mankind. The state being affected by the rebellion activity for over 30 years had a peaceful settlement between the government and rebels in 2005. The people of this province believe that the valuable lesson people gained from this disaster is that now they all live in peace and harmony. Nobody fights here in the name of racism, power and rights.

Time does moves at its pace as it’s a decade to this monstrous disaster, people, states and countries have overcome from it and are still trying to. The world together came out for helping the Tsunami hit areas. All wanted to serve the mankind. The question which keeps poking me every time is why we wait for such disastrous things to occur and then we enlighten ourselves to help others, serve mankind and all. Why can’t we serve the needy, the poor, and the downtrodden? There is so much we can do for them. Why we wait for such things to happen and then react? Do moral teachings can be preached only when such disasters occur?

The answer to all these lies within each of us. The day we all will starting thinking of making our city, our country, as ONE, the belief that we all are one. No political boundaries to divide the unity, the feeling of oneness over many. The world will be a more pleasing place to live in when mankind will serve the mankind for those who need it.

Together lets pray tribute to the victims of Tsunami and come together to fight the Tsunami we humans created with anger, selfishness, racial discrimination, power, fight for rights, money.

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