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How to fill CBSE UGC NET OMR Answer Sheet? [Instruction Guide]


CBSE UGC NET Test Booklet and OMR Sheet Instructions




Earlier, the UGC NET Exam was conducted in offline mode and the candidates need to give their responses in the OMR Sheet. From Dec 2018, the NTA is going to conduct UGC NET exam in online mode only. thus there will be no need to fill the OMR Sheet.

Here is the Screen sheet of official notification:




To make you aware of the complete procedure of filling up the OMR Sheet/Answer sheet during the UGC NET Exam, Eduncle has come up with the step by step process. Please read the complete blog!


The candidates who have appeared in UGC NET July can request for a photocopy of their OMR sheet and calculation sheet along with requisite processing fee.


The CBSE Board is going to provide the OMR Sheet and Calculation Sheet to the candidates before 10 September 2018.


Check out the complete details here.


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How to use Test Booklet and Answer Sheet in the UGC NET Exam Dec 2018? [Important Instructions]



Please follow the step by step procedure given below –


The candidates will find the Answer Sheet placed inside the sealed Test Booklet.



Instruction 1: The candidates should not open the sealed Test Booklet until the invigilator announces to open it.






Instruction 2: After opening the sealed Test Booklet, the first thing you should do is to verify the serial number and series of the Test Booklet with the serial number and series of OMR Sheet.


In case, you find any variation in the serial number and series of Booklet and OMR Sheet, immediately inform the invigilator to replace it with another set of same series available in the examination hall/center.






Instruction 3: Each Answer Sheet will have a pre-printed Test Booklet Code like A, B, C or D.


The candidates are required to check that the Test Booklet Code pre-printed on the Answer Sheet is the same as printed on the Test Booklet.





Instruction 4: The Answer Sheet will be scanned on Optical Scanner so make sure you fill up the following columns neatly and accurately with the help of Blue/Black ball point pen only.


Roll Number

Name of the Candidate

Father’s Name

Centre Number

Name of the Examination Centre

Signature of the Candidate






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Instructions to Mark the Responses in the UGC NET OMR Sheet/Answer Sheet!



Let’s start knowing the correct procedure through which you can mark the responses in the UGC NET Answer Sheet!



Instruction 1: The candidates are permitted to mark only one response out of the four alternatives which mean only one circle for the correct answer is to be darkened completely with blue/black Ball Point Pen only.






Instruction 2: Use only Blue or Black Ball Point Pen to darken the circles in the Answer Sheet.


The answer once marked is not liable to be changed! So, mark the response only after you are sure about the Answer.


Avoid the use of the pencil otherwise, your Answer Sheet may be rejected by the Examiner! 






Instruction 3:  While filling up the circle, remember that it should not be left light or faintly darkened.


Fill it up properly!





Instruction 4:  Avoid using cross sign (û) or right sign (ü) to present your answer.






Instruction 5: If the candidate does not want to attempt any question he/she should not darken the circle given against that question.






Instruction 6: Please do not fold the Answer Sheet and do not make any stray marks on it.



Instruction 7: The candidate must not do any rough work on the Answer Sheet.


They are assigned the Test Booklets to do rough work on it.



Instruction 8: Don’t forget to sign the attendance sheet before leaving the Examination Hall.









Persons removing pages from the Test Booklet during the examination, impersonating or trying to appear through forged means will be dealt with as per law. Canvassing directly or indirectly or influencing staff by unfair means would lead to serious consequences including disqualification of the candidates.



We hope that the above-presented Guide of filling up the UGC NET OMR Sheet/Answer Sheet will help you during the Exam.


Kindly, read all the instructions carefully because one mistake can lead you to re-appear in the exam.


If you have any queries, you can ask us in the comment section below!



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Happy Preparing! 



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  • Paras Sharma
    If someone fills two circles of same question And make cross mark over one response Then would it be considered right or Immediately put into Negative marking
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    Eduncle Team
    Hello Paras,   Greetings from Eduncle!   It won't be considered as right answer.   Thanks for asking your query with us!   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team