Union Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers declared 2015 as Year of API

2015 - Year of APINews

Ananth Kumar, Union Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers declared the year 2015 as the Year of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) on 25th Feb, 2015.

Why did 2015 declared as Year of Active Pharmaceutical?

The aim of declaring 2015 as the year of API is to bring about self-sufficiency in the field of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). This will remain consistent with the avowed objective of the Union Government ‘Make in India’ initiative.

What will Department of Pharmaceutical do?

In order to execute the plan of bringing self-sufficiency in the field of API in 2015, Department of Pharmaceutical will do following things-

Take measures to facilitate the growth of the sector.

Interact with the industry on a more regular basis to improve G2B interactions;

Promote better and more coordinated efforts to achieve the objective of Make in India for the API sector

To avoid the price and supply risks and ensure assured and sustained availability of these basic inputs to formulation sector, the Ministry of Pharmaceuticals aims to focus the attention to promote the manufacturing of API in India.

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