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February 22, 2019 • 10:50 am

12 useful GD tips that may help you to be impressive!


Cat 2014 results have been declared; now CAT qualified students will be called up for taking admission in top MBA colleges. The admission process of IIM’s and other MBA colleges consists of three rounds- Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI). The most challenging round for students is to clear Group Discussion (GD) round. Students with good leadership qualities, communication skills and most importantly they should be fully filled up of self confidence.

Group Discussion (GD) is just a way to assess student’s personality so that they can judge the student’s capabilities for the respected field.

Here are some useful tips for CAT qualified students to appear in Group Discussion round and clear it in an impressive manner-

1. Enhance Your Knowledge about ‘must know’ Questions

You should be well prepared with current affairs and issues that may be important for GD round. Search for the most basic GD topics and prepare well on that. The GD topics can raise from issues of social importance to current affairs.  It is very important to keep yourself updated with latest news and discussion topics for appearing in GD round.

2. Dress Decently

Dressing makes a good impression on others. So dress well, this will boost up your confidence to put forward your point.

3. Develop Self-Confidence

During Group Discussion, you should reflect confidence while replying to other team.  Interviewers often tend to cross-question you even on your right answers just to check your confidence on your own answers.

4. Be the First to Initiate

You should use your leadership skills and try to initiate first. This will develop a self confidence in you and others will notice you as you were the only one to initiate this round. So it can be taken as an advantage.

5. Raise Your Hand to Put Your Point

It’s a very polite way to ask for your turn. If you want to say something in between group discussion round, just raise your hand and ask them to let you speak. Whatever you want to say, say it smartly!

6. Be Expressive

You should be presentable and expressive in whatever you are speaking on. Use your language in a simpler way to express your thoughts. You may also use examples, facts, statements, quotations to make them understand what you are saying. Make sure whatever you are saying is appropriate and correct.

7. Be a Good Listener

If you want from others to listen to you, then you should be the one to listen and understand them. Let them finish their talks, don’t interrupt them in between. Listen to them carefully and understand what they are saying and if you find them wrong then you may put your point.

8. Motivate Others to Speak

There may be some students who might not be able to speak, so instead of behaving selfish, you should motivate them to speak. Refer them by their names and politely ask them to speak and put their point as well.

9. Collect Your Thoughts

It is always good to enter the GD when there is silence. You may speak and put your opinion when they allow you, but before speaking, collect all your thoughts related to ongoing GD topic so that you don’t get confuse on what you are speaking. You should know that your opinions must be valid and thoughtful. Allow others to speak too. Using body language to show entry and exit is yet another important way.

10. Be Polite

Your politeness during the GD round also brings positive impression on others.

In some cases, while you might be correct with your point but they may not be getting it. So at that time you should reply very politely and put your point. Instead, you should listen to them carefully and put forward your response with better argument.

11. Strong Conclusions

This is very important to find out the conclusions of your views. Summarize your points and present them in front of all. Do not add new points which you might have missed in discussion. The ending should be very effective.

12. Be a Team Player

Group Discussion is a team task in which you stand for either in favor of that topic or in against. But overall you will have to perform as a team. So don’t underestimate any of your team members and don’t go out of your team track. Be cooperative and support your team by encouraging them to speak.

Group Discussion is very important round to clear for students in a manner to take admission in MBA colleges. Follow above tips and crack the group discussion round.

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