What your Favourite Colour says about Your Personality?

ColorsLife is beautiful and what makes it beautiful? Colours! :)

We all are surrounded by colours. Everything has a colour in it like trees have green colour, sky has blue colour, even our clothes have colours. But did you know that there’s a huge impact of colours in our lives. Have you ever thought what will happen if everything becomes colourless? Well! That’s impossible but in case life becomes colourless it will be boring.

In this blog, I’ll discuss about different colours and their impacts on our lives and most importantly on our personalities.Everybody have their own favourite colours which they use in their daily lives.

Let’s have a look on different colours and what they say about your personality-

1. White Colour

White colour defines purity, peace, geniality. The person who loves white colour is peace loving, positive and optimistic in nature. They lives in fantasies and are well-balanced, sensible, discreet, practical and wise. Such people have a great deal of self-control but when their mood strikes, they become very choosy and meticulous. Sometimes, they can be very critical to understand. They may appear to be shy.

2. Black Colour

Black colour lovers are considered as introvert, too reactive, short tempered, reserved, but when it comes to accomplish any task they seems to be very proactive.Those people who love black colour are independent and decisive. Black colour lovers remain very concerned about their prestige. They do not put themselves in emotional things and they know how to keep secrets.Black colour lovers are strategic and determined in their work and avoid negativity.

3. Red Colour

Red colour shows aggressiveness, enthusiasm and at the same time it is a colour which defines love.

Red colour lovers are short – tempered, jealous and accept new challenges with vigour. Red colour lovers are very lovable and can love someone deeply. Those people who love red colour are extroverted and optimistic and they like to be a cynosure. They have strong will to fulfil their dreams and can be quite determined when they want something, but tend to have a short attention span.

4. Blue Colour

Blue colour defines confidence and trust. Blue colour lovers seem to be impatient and restless once they get infuriated, it’s very difficult task to cool them down.As per the survey blue colour lovers are conservative, reliable and trustworthy.They can easily trust someone, they think twice before reacting on particular things.Those people who like blue colour are very genuine and sincere and take time to express their feelings.They remain vulnerable inside but their self-confidence and self-controlled nature do not express anything.They are very emotional towards their relationships and make a loyal and faithful marriage partner.

5. Green Colour

Green is the colour of positive attitude. Green colour lovers are very practical, well balanced, kind, compassionate and down-to-earth person. Those people who love green colour are loving and need to be loved. Green colour lovers are very clean hearted person, they don’t keep anything inside their hearts. They have their own standards and positive opinions. They love to get feedback from others. Green colour lovers are considered as loyal friends and faithful to their partner and also being social.They like to win arguments and do not accept their defeat easily. Detailed explanations bores you. Such people maintain deep understanding with others.

6. Pink Colour

Pink colour defines cuteness, love and fondness. Pink colour lovers are very cultured, refined, sophisticated, caring and gentle. They are approachable with a warmth and softness. Pink colour lovers are considered as romantic, sensual and sensitive. They have an optimistic and positive outlook on life, they see the good in everyone. They sometimes seem to be immature, reserved but methodical and organized.They have a naivety, sweetness and beauty about you which can become girlish.

7. Purple Colour

Purple colour lovers are sensitive and compassionate but have great understanding. They are gentle, supportive and caring too.They are sensitive that even negative comments from others can deeply hurt them. They are considered as full of energy people but sometimes they behave like introverted rather than extroverted and may give the impression of being shy although this is not the case. Purple colour lovers are creative and stands out in all. They are very concerned about their dressing and have a great imagination. Purple colour lovers are very helpful to others in motivating them.Those people who love purple colour have great intuition power.

Purple colour lovers are very secretive. They are good at making observations and have high desires. They can sometimes behave arrogant can be selfish.

So colour test are very important to define your personality which you may never have suspected before.

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