Will Gadd, the Gutsy Adventurer to climb Frozen Niagara Falls

will-gaddQuick Facts

Q1: Who is the first person to climb frozen Niagara Falls?

Ans: Will Gadd.

Q2: Who is named as National Geographic’s Adventurer of 2015?

Ans: Will Gadd.


Professional Ice Climber ‘Will Gadd’ has become the first person to climb frozen Niagara Falls. Will Gadd was followed by the Sarah Hueniken who grew up near the falls.

Gadd used ice hooks to climb Niagara Falls. As per the reports, around 681,750 gallons of water per second surged down Horseshoe Falls as he made his move.

The climb was started on 27th Jan from the American side of the falls.

Will Gadd shared his experience with CBC’s Carol by saying “It’s the biggest, coolest, wildest, most well-known waterfall in North America. As an ice climber, that’s very, very attractive.”


About Will Gadd

Will Gadd, 47, is an ice climber from Alberta, Canada. He has named as National Geographic’s Adventurer of the year in 2015.

Watch the complete scenario of Frozen Niagara Falls Climbing-

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