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How to Choose Best Engineering Branch for Future Goals? [Experts Tips]

How to Choose Best Engineering Branch


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Welcome PCM Aspirants,


With the end of the school days, a new career journey starts! A journey that is filled with everlasting ambitions, courage and strong will to design your career worthwhile.


After passing your 12th Class with PCM, you either go for B-Tech or opt for other options for yourself.


Well, if you opt the Engineering field, no matter what exam you’re appearing for, be it IIT JEE or any other competitive exam, you must know which is best Engineering Branch for future.


Here we’re going to discuss the most commonly opted B-Tech Streams in India. Read the blog and know which would be the best branch in Engineering for you.



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Find the Best Engineering Branch in Terms of Salary & Government Jobs - Know How!


Choosing the best Engineering Branch for you is a major decision but before choosing it, you must seek for the right technical college as well. There are number of Engineering Colleges in India, we’ve divided them into 5 major categories for your convenience-


Indian Institutes of Technology

 National Institutes of Technology

 Indian Institutes of Information Technology

 Government Funded Institutes

 Private Institutes



The above-listed colleges accept admissions based on the following exams –


 IITs through IIT JEE Advanced

 NITs, IIITs and GFTIs through IIT JEE Mains

 GFTIs and Private Colleges through other Engineering Entrance Exams.


Now comes another task to choose the best Engineering Branch for future perspective. Well, it’s quite a tough task to make a right choice amongst various B-Tech Streams.


One must always choose the branch based on its versatility, career scopes, and popularity. And most importantly, whichever you’re going to choose must be the best Engineering Branch in terms of salary and job packages.


We’re providing lists of Engineering Branches that are the most popular amongst all!




 Computer Science





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1. Mechanical Engineering


Have you ever opened your toy car to see how it works? Have you ever seen the gears of the bike and got fascinated by them? Have you ever wondered how these automobiles are designed? Do you love Machines? If any of these questions’ answer is yes, then Mechanical is the one the best Engineering Branches for you.


But before you join this course, you must know that it requires a plenty of designing skills.


If we discuss which would be the best Engineering Branch for Government Jobs, then Mechanical is an evergreen stream that will never Disappoint you. Not only in Government Sector but also in Private Sector, it has immense career scope.


Let’s know more about the Job Profiles and Employment Departments for a Mechanical Engineer.



Mechanical Engineers’ Job Profiles


Mechanical Engineer

 Maintenance Engineer

 Quality Control Engineer

 Production Engineer

 Machine Design Specialist

 CAD CAM Expert

 Site Engineer

 Indian Naval Stores Service (Indian Navy)




Mechanical Engineers’ Employment Departments


Mechanical Engineers are working in various Public & Private firms which contribute a lot to Indian Technology & Economy. Some of the major substantial are -


 Indian Railways

 Steel Authority of India (SAIL)

 Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)

 Indian Oil Corporation

 Indian Naval Stores Service (Indian Navy)

 Indian Airforce

 Hero Moto Corps

 Ashok Leyland

 Ford India

 Mahindra & Mahindra

 Kirloskar Group of Engg.

 Thermax & Siemens



2. Civil Engineering


Civil is for those who love buildings & skyscrapers. It is for those also, who are passionate about designing, buildings constructions, making physical and naturally built Environment including works like roads, bridges, dams, canals, buildings & towers.


The branch includes various fields such as –


Mathematics, Physics, Town & City Planning, Geo Technical, Structural, Environmental, Earthquake, Transportation, Disaster Assessment & Management Structural Design, Maintenance of Structures, Restoration of Structures, Irrigation Engineering, Surveying Technology, Concrete Technology, and Computer Aided Planning & Design.


Civil Engineering is also ahead in providing Job opportunities to technical aspirants on some of the reputed designations in various fields mentioned below.




Civil Engineers’ Job Profiles


 Civil Engineer

 Chief & Junior Engineer

 Site Engineer

 Chief Planning Engineer

 Site Supervisor


 Resource Management Officer



Civil Engineers’ Employment Departments


The Government & Non- Government Sectors providing Job opportunities in the Civil Engineering field are –


National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)

 Public Work Department (PWD)

 Central Public Work Department (CPWD)

 National Building Construction Corporations

 Container Corporation of India (CONCOR)

 Larsen & Turbo Constructions (L&T)

 TATA Projects

 ESSAR Group of Companies


Civil is the Best Engineering Branch for future of the young graduates as construction tasks are getting popular across India. You can see the construction work going on in every street of India, so nothing can be better than this.



3. Computer Science & Engineering


Computer Science is one of the most popular branches among B-tech Aspirants, especially for female candidates. Those who like to deal with coding and decoding of software, computer programming, networking & designing, CSE is the best branch in Engineering for them.


This field comprises of various jobs in India and outside India too. Many Software Engineers work in Multinational Companies mostly. Some of the major examples of their positions and companies are given below.




Computer Science Engineers Job Profiles


 Software Application Developers

 Computer System Analyst

 Computer System Engineer

 Database Administrator

 Web Developer

 Computer Programmer

 Software Quality Assurance Tester


The above courses’ names might be unfamiliar to you but they are quite interesting & compelling. It is one of the best branches in Engineering if you wish to work Abroad as well.


Computer Science Engineers' Employment Departments


Below are some the companies which hire Computer Science Graduates for various profile mentioned above –





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4. Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineers are some of the most skilled professionals in the modern world. There is no doubt that the need for Electrical Engineering is growing practically. If you are thinking to enter into this field, then this branch is going to benefit you with the most acquainted firms in both - Private & Govt. Sectors.




Electrical Engineers’ Job Profiles


You can get expertise in the field of Electrical Engineering being posted as the following ones –


 Electrical Engineer

 Electrical Circuit & Parts Designer

 Power Engineer

 Control Engineer

 Instrumentation Engineer

 Signal Processing Engineer




Electrical Engineers’ Employment Departments


The below list is a small help to make you identify the market recruiters in the Electrical Branch. Here are the companies that provide excellent job opportunities to the Electrical Engineers –


National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)

 Indian Railway Services of Electrical Engineers

 General Electric Company

 HBL Power Systems

 Crompton Greaves

 Schneider Electric Infrastructure Limited

 Wipro Lightening Corporate

 Bajaj Electricals




5. Chemical Engineering


Have you ever been curious to know how the color of a chemical change when another chemical is added to it? How is the food processed? From where the sound of bubbles come when you open a cold drink bottle?


If yes, then studies in Chemical Engg. can provide you an opportunity to learn deeply about these facts & queries.


This is the best Engineering Branch in terms of salary because there are fewer seats in Chemical Engg field, so employers provide the substantial amount of salaries to the skilled Chemical Engineers.


Chemical Engineer works in Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Design, Food Processing Chemicals Fertilizers & Petrochemicals Fields. Being the best branch in Engineering, Chemical Engineering is mainly focused on the development of the solutions to the Environment Problems such as Environmental Pollution & remedies.


You have distinct options for further studies too. You can get specialized in the Nanotechnology, Petrochemicals & Fertilizers, Bio-Technology etc.


6. Agricultural Engineering


It is the branch of engineering which helps in planning and supervising to develop the agricultural production. In this,engineer suggests the best ways to optimize the resources and makes the process smoother.


7. Aeronautical Engineering


Likewise, the name this branch deals in aircrafts, technology and business associated with it. It is a branch of Aerospace Engineering. The main task assigned to an aeronautical engineer is designing the aircrafts, machines and operating rockets.


8.Architecture Engineering


This branch of engineering is multitasking as it includes designing, planning, maintain the space, material and providing a proper structure to the building. Also, the field research, selecting the site, safety, quality, costing as well as the overall construction comes under Architecture Engineering.


9.Automobile Engineering


Automobile Engineering is all about designing vehicles like bus, car, truck as well as its various internal parts. It is considered as a combination of Mechanical, Electrical and Material Sciences. If it comes to process then it can be defined as design, manufacture and operation.


10.Biomedical Engineering


It is a multi-disciplinary subject. Along with Biology it requires the knowledge of different fields of engineering like Electronics, Electrical and Computer. As far as Biology is concerned, candidate should have the knowledge about tissue engineering, cell biology, genetic engineering and biomaterials.


11. Electronics Engineering


It is a branch of electrical engineering in which students work on application of electronic devices as IC or transistors. Electronics engineering includes fields like analogue electronic engineering, radio frequency engineering, digital development engineering, programmable logic engineering, software engineering, systems engineering.


Chemical Engineers’ Job Profiles


The most interesting Job profiles in Chemical Engineering are –


 Plant Engineer

 Plant Designer

 Chemical Engineer

 Resource Manager

 Safety Engineer




Chemical Engineers’ Employment Departments


Well! It’s a fact that the Chemical Engineering is quite tough than other courses as students need to work hard on Organic & Inorganic Chemistry. If dealing with Chemicals is hazardous to health, then balancing the Chemical Equations is quite a tricky task.


But when the student learns to tackle the Chemicals, a huge opportunity might wait for him/her. Some of the major Job Recruiters in Chemical Engg. are -


Urea & Fertilizer Manufacturing Firms

 Oil & Gas Plants

 Petrochemical Plants

 Food Processing Companies

 Power Plants


Were these options helpful to choose the best Engineering Branch for Future Scopes? If not, then please read further for more guidance.



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List of Top Engineering Branches in India | Which One Sounds Interesting to You?


There are so many branches in the technical field and each branch has its own Specification. Several numbers of streams are Introduced in the last a few years that sometimes, the student gets confused and can’t decide - which one to choose?


In last 10 years, number of Engineers have grown at surplus numbers & many of them are unemployed. Do you know why this happened to them?


Well! Choosing the wrong branch & college is one of the major reasons for this. We won’t let you do the same. Here is the list of Top Engineering Branches in India, you may opt any one of them. Make sure they suit best with your interests and hobbies.




S.No. Engineering Branches
1 Aeronautical
2 Agricultural
3 Applied Electronics & Instrumentation
4 Automobile
5 Bio-Chemical
6 Bio-Technology
7 Chemical & Alcohol Technology
8 Chemical Engineering
9 Civil Engineering
10 Computer Science
11 Electrical & Electronics
12 Electrical Engineering
13 Electronics & Communication
14 Electronics & Instrumentation
15 Electronics & Telecommunication
16 Electronics
17 Electronics Instrumentation & Control
18 Environmental
19 Fire & Safety Engineering
20 Food Technology
21 Geo Informatics
22 Geo Science
23 Genetic
24 Industrial
25 Industrial Production
26 Information Technology
27 Instrumentation & Control
28 Instrumentation
29 Leather Technology
30 Man Made Fiber Technology
31 Manufacturing Technology
32 Marine
33 Material Science
34 Mechanical & Industrial
35 Mechanical
36 Metallurgical
37 Mining
38 Mechatronics
39 Naval
40 Nuclear Science
41 Oil Technology
42 Ocean Engineering
43 Paint Technology
44 Plastic Technology
45 Production & Industrial
46 Pharmaceutical Engineering
47 Robotics Science
48 Software Engineering
49 Textile Engineering
50 Transportation Engineering



Check out the List of B-Tech Courses Offered in IITs!



There are so many factors that are considered to get employment in the technical field. Let’s discuss some highlighting ones among them!




1. Working Environment


Sometimes a Civil Engineer also seeks to get a job in the Software Field. This is because he doesn’t want to deal with Heavy Machines & Automobiles, Bridges, Columns & Pipelines etc. while working as a Civil Engineer.


They literally piss off by roaming here & there and another factor is that dealing with the heights is quite adventurous but risky too. So, they prefer to go for Computer Science where they will have to work on computers while sitting in the airconditioned environment.


Each field has its positive & negative impacts. But if you learn to deal with those, you won’t need to ask this question to anyone else - Which is the Best Branch in Engineering? Because, then, you’ll have its answer.




2. Higher Studies after Graduation


There are many career scopes after B-Tech. No matter which branch you choose you can go for any of these –


If you aspire to go for further studies in the technical field, you have lots of opportunities after Graduation. Many students opt for higher studies after graduation in core Engineering or the allied subject.

 Many Institutes like IITs provide opportunities to do courses like M. Tech & MS in Engineering. The naming delegation might be changing from country to country. A student is paid Stipend & other enhanced study support from Governing Bodies in Higher Education.

For an example – If a B-Tech Student appears in CSIR NET Exam and qualifies it, then he would be eligible to take advantage of Junior Research Fellowships issued by CSIR.


 Those aspiring for MBA Programs after B-Tech, may deal with the business analyst prospects in companies. They can also start up their own Businesses.

 Core Engg. Postgraduates have lots of opportunities in Teaching & Research. Many Govt. & Private firms demand Qualified Postgraduates in the field of research for their companies. But to become a University lecturer, they must qualify UGC NET.


So, here we’re going to sum up our lessons to help you in choosing the Right Engineering Branch for you. Hope the information provided above would be worthwhile to you. Still, if you have any doubts regarding the same, please give us pleasure to help you. Kindly share your generous feedback and let us reply you shortly.






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