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IIT JAM Preparation Tips| How to Prepare for JAM Exam 2020?




Just as the JEE is an entrance exam for undergraduate B.Tech programs at IITs, the Joint Admission Test is required for admission to postgraduate programs in Pure Science fields in colleges like IITs, NITs, CFTIs and IISc Bangalore.

Success in the IIT JAM is dependent on your IIT JAM Preparation. Some of the common questions for IIT JAM aspirants before an exam would be:

How difficult is the Exam? How to prepare for IIT JAM? How to maximize my IIT JAM performance? What kind of resources should I refer to?



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The first and foremost tip for IIT JAM would be to practice with as many IIT JAM sample papers, a candidate can lay their hands on. The more aspirants’ practice, the more confidence they gain which helps in securing IIT JAM scores above the average.


IIT JAM Physics Preparation Tips

IIT JAM Preparation Tips for Chemistry

IIT JAM Biotechnology Preparation Tips

IIT JAM Mathematics Preparation

IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics Preparation Tips

IIT JAM Geology Preparation Strategies


The following IIT JAM preparation tips will optimize your performance.



How to Prepare for IIT JAM Physics 2020?


To prepare for IIT JAM Physics 2020, you need the highest dedication. As physics is one of the most sought subjects among postgraduates, IITs, IISc, IISERs are undoubtedly the best places to study Physics and for the same reason, the entrance is highly selective as well.

Our JAM Physics Study Material is designed to make the preparation easier for the student so that minimum effort goes into books finding the topic and more into what can bring you better score i.e. practice.

While making the study material our qualified faculty members sat together to create a guideline that every student must follow for IIT JAM Physics preparation. This guideline was shared with our students last year and we have seen an excellent improvement in their scores and results. Visit here for more guidance – IIT JAM Study Material 2020.


Here are some of those secret tips from our qualified faculty members:

While preparing for IIT JAM Physics, it is very important that the candidate must prepare a timetable after reviewing the syllabus. A timetable that will be consisting of study hours and practice tests. Early Morning is a good time to open the book to learn something new or review notes from the previous day. Your mind will be 100% active in the morning.

For a sound preparation of IIT JAM Physics, it is very important to make notes of formulas as it would be helpful in last minute preparation.

The candidates are required to regularly test themselves and analyze their weak and strong areas for IIT JAM Preparation. This will help them in working upon their weak points and improving them which will make them confident in the actual exam.

For IIT JAM Exam, Thermodynamics is one of the important chapters, so the candidates must focus upon mastering the concepts of thermodynamics to solve the problems easily and should not leave any problem until they get conceptual clarity around the solution.

Physics is a subject of practice. IIT JAM Physics preparation require more and more practice from the candidate’s side, the best way of practising is to solve the previous Year’s question papers and mock test as it will provide an idea about the difficulty level and the amount of preparation still required to score well.

Learn to identify questions from any given topic. Practising helps to understand the concepts well; every question generates at least 10 similar questions which could be solved once the basics are clear.

Electricity and magnetism have high weightage in IIT JAM Exam. It requires that the candidate must be conceptually strong in it. The good news is that it can be mastered with effort and practice.

 Solve IIT JAM Previous Year Question Papers as much as you can for JAM Preparation. This will give you an idea about the paper pattern and difficulty level of the questions.

Most importantly, Practice tests & Mock tests tell candidates which topics they have not mastered and encourage them to focus learning on the weaker topics. The practice tests will also reduce test anxiety.

Improve your weaker areas for better preparation. Give more time to the topics in which you are weak. Do not leave a problem until you get conceptual clarity around the solution.

How to Study for IIT JAM Physics: Being consistent in studies is the key to success. Do not leave too much Syllabus for study during the end time of preparation. Also, always revise whatever you study on the same day for effective IIT JAM preparation.



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Important Topics:-


Marks Weightage (According to previous Year paper analysis)


Mechanics and General Property of Matter

22 Marks


Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics.

12 Marks


Electricity and magnetism

14 Marks


We hope these preparation tips will help you to qualify IIT JAM Physics with or without coaching.


Read IIT JAM Physics Topper's Preparation Tips - Swarnim Shirke.



How to Crack IIT JAM Chemistry 2020?


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”...

And you can’t afford to fail when you are aiming for your second innings in IITs with JAM Chemistry.

There is no magic to doing well in Chemistry. It involves discipline, doing problems, focusing on learning concepts, and staying on top of the material.


By following these preparation tips, you’ll have a clear mind and have the best chance of getting an under top 100 in the exam.

Preparation always start with motivating yourself that you can achieve the target, so prepare yourself and build a positive attitude.

Firstly, you should be aware of the complete information related to IIT JAM Exam like a paper pattern, marking scheme etc.

After that, being thorough with the syllabus of IIT JAM Chemistry exam is important so that you do not miss any important topics during preparation.

To achieve better results, it is also very important to make subject wise list of key topics and prioritize them for the IIT JAM preparation.

The students who are to write this exam in 2020 must brush up all their basic concepts well in advance if they want to score high because once the basics are clear they will help you in solving the tricky as well as difficult questions.

According to the previous exam analysis, Organic & Physical Chemistry had more weightage compare to inorganic chemistry. JAM aspirants can begin with any section which they feel easy & scoring.

All the topics are important while preparing for JAM Chemistry as nobody ever knows where the question will be asked from. We would suggest covering all the section in chemistry.

IIT JAM Chemistry preparation, you should start solving previous year question papers. It is proven to help a lot as it gives a general idea about the type of questions asked in actual exam. It clears the concept about the pattern of the examination and at the same time, it improves your speed and accuracy of solving the questions.

Prepare short notes while studying each topic such that the important points are noted in there. This will be useful for quick revision before the exams.

Finally JAM Aspirant should give time for both revision and practicing. Practice Mock tests. It will improve performance. Performance depends on how much time devoted to answer each question and how many questions are answered correctly.

How to Study for IIT JAM Chemistry 2020: Clear your concepts and solve as many questions as you can. Be calm and composed all the time.



Confused? Don't know where to start? Check here to know which IIT JAM Chemistry study materials to prepare from! IIT JAM Study Material "



Important Topics:- Topics Subtopics Marks Weightage (According to previous Year paper analysis)
1. Organic Chemistry Organic Reaction Mechanism & Synthetic Application 12 Marks
Basic Concept of Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry 13 Marks
2. Inorganic Chemistry (20%) Transition metals(d-block) 9 Marks
3. Physical Chemistry(18%) Chemical Kinetics, Electrochemistry. 12 Marks


Whether you are a morning person, a day studier or a night owl; these tips will help you to crack IIT JAM Chemistry Exam in a great extent. Choose your study time as per your convenience, just remember to use this time effectively.



How to Prepare for IIT JAM Mathematics 2020?


They say, “All things are ready, if our minds be so”. True, isn’t it?


Mathematics is a subject that every student has to study at one time or another. Some love it but if to be honest, most people hate studying maths.

Preparation of IIT JAM Mathematics is impossible by just reading and listening. To study Maths you have to roll up your sleeves and actually solve some problems.

Maths is one of those subjects which you can easily spend hours studying but end up none the wiser. However much you have studied, if you cannot solve the problem on the day of the test, you are lost.


There are some techniques to help you for IIT JAM Mathematics preparation in a way that makes you understand the subject and have confident on yourself:

First, gather all the information about IIT JAM Mathematics Syllabus, Paper Pattern, Marking Schema etc.

Take a print out of the syllabus of IIT JAM MA and highlight your strong topics for good preparation.

Prioritize the topics according to the exam weightage and your interest.

Differential Calculus is the most important topic for IIT JAM since it is having the highest weightage in last 5 years paper.

Try to cover one or two sub topics daily. There is no escaping this reality, to do well in a Maths exam.

Make short notes including definitions, formulas, statements of theorems, corollaries, results and tricks used in that topic. Create a mathematical dictionary and use it whenever you come across a term.

In the weekend, revise what you have studied to have a better grasp over the subject more effectively.

Practice questions much as you can on daily basis and never skip a day. It will help you score good marks.

Focus more on solving MCQs and NAT problems.

For MSQ, try to solve it by discarding options for more accurate answer.



Confused? Don't know where to start? Check here to know which IIT JAM Mathematics study materials to prepare from! IIT JAM Study Material "



Important Topics:- Topics Marks Weightage (According to previous Year paper analysis)
1. Differential Calculus 23 Marks
2. Linear Algebra 13 Marks
3. Sequence and Series 12 Marks


There is no right way to study Mathematics because everyone studies differently. All you need to do is practice because Mathematics is not for spectators, it is for doers.



How to Prepare for IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics 2020?


Most of the JAM aspirants, especially beginners get confused among IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics (MS) and Mathematics (MA).

There is subtle difference between these two subjects in terms of syllabus and exam both. The foremost distinguishing feature is that the MS paper comprises 40% Mathematics and 60% Statistics. And, this 60% part can decide your fate.


So, sit down for a while and be prepared to give your mind a statistic bent. Here go some actionable tips for better performance in this test paper:

The Mathematical Statistics (MS) test paper comprises of Mathematics (40% weightage) and Statistics (60% weightage). As we said before, the statistics part can make or break you. So, put equal effort into both parts but focus little more on Statistics.

Before starting your preparation, be aware of the marking scheme, the paper pattern of IIT JAM MS and analyze the syllabus. Don’t get confused between MA and MS papers. Both are different papers in JAM.

Now, separate the topics of Mathematics and Statistics according to your interest and mark the easy and difficult topics. Arrange the topics according to their weightage in the exam.

To score good marks in IIT JAM MS, don’t skip any topic because every topic is equally important.

Divide the topics in sections to grasp the concepts faster.

To memorize any topic easily, note down the concepts, formula, statement and results of theorems and techniques used in that topic.

Practice the related questions on daily basis and try to solve 4-5 previous year’s question paper, analyze the fundamental concepts and tricks used and note down the same.

Don’t hesitate to ask any doubt with your friends and teachers for better IIT JAM Preparation.

Try to point out your errors and try to clear it as soon as possible.

Don’t skip a single question of previous year paper. Previous year papers are like Brahmastra for aspirants.



Confused? Don't know where to start? Check here to know which IIT JAM study materials to prepare from! IIT JAM Study Material "



Important Topics:- Topics Marks Weightage (According to previous Year paper analysis)
1. Differential Calculus 10 Marks
2. Random Variables 20 Marks
3. Estimation 15 Marks


While preparing for any exam, it’s important to take breaks regularly. Try not to feel guilty about being out enjoying instead of hunched over your books. On contrary to popular belief, when you stop taking breaks, your learning capacity completely tanks rather than increasing.



How to Study and Crack IIT JAM Biotechnology 2020?


In a recent article, we have mentioned that there are total 4559 candidates who appeared in IIT JAM Biotechnology Exam last year with full-fledged preparation. (See the IIT JAM Facts and Figures)

Now, that seems like not a large number of candidates are preparing for IIT JAM Biotechnology. But, there’s a flip side.

There are very less number of seats offered for the post graduation in Biotechnology and hence, all in all, it remains a tough nut to crack. Only a handful of best candidates get their desired institute.


To compete in such a situation, you need a fool-proof exam strategy for JAM Preparation:

IIT-JAM Biotechnology is based on all the subjects like Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry in which 44 % weightage is given to Biology, 18 % to Physics, 18% to Mathematics and 20% to Chemistry.

Biology and Chemistry questions in the exams are based from 10+2+3 level. Mathematics and Physics syllabus is based on only 10+2 level.

Biochemistry covers the maximum marking in the biology section of the exam. Thus, it is required that the aspiring candidates must start their preparation from basics. Their more focus should be on learning the concepts rather than memorizing the facts.

Mechanics covers the highest marks in the Physics section, to score high in these students are required to follow the right approach for IIT JAM Preparation so that they do not mug up things.

Organic Chemistry is the most important topic within the Chemistry section. To have a good command over organic chemistry, students must build a strong foundation and should focus more on understanding concepts rather than memorizing them.

Syllabus of any exam is the most important document thus students are advised to start preparing as per the JAM Syllabus and keep on revising it so that they do not leave any important topic.

Candidate must consult to a few but buy the best study materials to avoid any confusion. There are lots of books and study materials available in the market for JAM preparation, but it totally depends upon the student how wisely he chooses the study material for his preparation.

Mock test and sample papers are necessary, and students should practice them on regular basis to brush up the concepts.

During the preparation period it is important that the student keep themselves boost up with a positive attitude, negative mind will not prove to be of any help.

Focusing on math is very important to crack this exam



Confused? Don't know where to start? Check here to know which IIT JAM study materials to prepare from! IIT JAM Study Material "



Important Topics:- Topics Subtopics Marks Weightage (According to previous Year paper analysis)
1. Biology (44%) Biochemistry 11 Marks
Molecular Biology. 9 Marks
2. Chemistry (20%) Organic Chemistry 6 Marks
3. Physics (18%) Mechanics 5 Marks
4. Mathematics (18%) Coordinate geometry 3 Marks


Read IIT JAM AIR 3 Arpan Pariccha's Preparation Tips.


If you follow the strategies discussed above, your IIT JAM study techniques will be sharpened. With a sufficient amount of time and effort, you can expect improvements in your JAM scores.



How to Study for IIT JAM Geology 2020?


IIT JAM Geology preparation needs to be very research-oriented and subject-specific. So, it is obvious for any candidate to look for the right advice and tips. But, too many cooks spoil the broth. Stop searching for preparation tips too much and start preparing!


No preparation should start without checking the syllabus thoroughly. The JAM Geology Syllabus should be checked by students and segregated topic wise to ease of preparation. Candidates must understand the topics they need to prepare.

There must be fixed deadlines to complete each subject within a prescribed time. Don't keep on changing goal posts plan once and stick to your plan. If necessary, go for little changes.

Short Notes: Most of the toppers and experts advise making short notes while studying. The reason is that these short notes will come handy and useful for revision during the last days prior to the exam. It is also advisable to list the formula and their applications during study time with an aim on easy revision when needed.

Focus on scoring and easy learning like Applied geology, Economic Geology. separate the individual topic in every chapter and prepare similar short notes to preview.

In IIT JAM Geology, Petrology is very important topic & require more concentration. Dedicate enough time to the topics which need more attention.

At the end of every unit, make a unit summary in tree form with short definition for exam revision, useful for chapter wise preview most important ideas of unit.

After Completing every topic, generate some tricks to understand the topics make more easier and solve at the same time previous years question papers, create a graph and relate the term of solution any topic that interlink the concepts.

As the IIT JAM exam is an online exam, the mock tests are the best way to keep practising according to the paper pattern. The mock tests also help you in solving the paper and get to know where you are weak so that you can work according to it.

Analyze your preparation: - It is highly important that each practice test be reviewed as if it is the actual exam. This allows for better Practice and confident approach to the actual exam.

Always maintain continuity of your study. Do not get trapped in unnecessary things. Be focused and study hard.



Confused? Don't know where to start? Check here to know which IIT JAM study materials to prepare from! IIT JAM Study Material "



Important Topics:- Topics Marks Weightage (According to previous Year paper analysis)
1.) Petrology 25 Marks
2.) Mineralogy 20 Marks
3.) Structural Geology 18Marks


Read Preparation Tips from IIT JAM Geology Topper Rahul Pandey (Rank 1).


Try to maintain high level of motivation from first day till day of your exam. Don’t take your initial scores in mock tests by heart. You’ll eventually get better at it with practice. Avoid social media or any distraction in at least last one month of preparation and join good forums on internet.



Any other questions about IIT JAM Preparation?


We tried to answer all the common questions about IIT JAM Preparation with or without coaching here.

If we missed something, let us know in the comments.

Also, tell us about your experience.

How did you prepare for IIT JAM?



Confused? Don't know where to start? Check here to know which IIT JAM study materials to prepare from! IIT JAM Study Material "



You can get our mentoring and doubt solutions directly on your mobile very soon as we are coming up with our Eduncle App. Subscribe here to get notified about our app release.


All the Best Folks! 


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