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How Arpan Parichha Got Incredible Score & AIR-3 in JAM Biotech

IIT JAM Topper Interview

IIT JAM Mock Test Papers 2023

Every year many candidates appear in IIT JAM Exam but only a few candidates qualify it. Arpan Parichha is one of those, who got all India rank 6th in JAM 2016 and AIR 3 JAM Biotechnology in 2017 without any coaching.

He is such an inspiration for all the candidates who want to qualify IIT JAM. To bring the insuperable talent in front of JAM Aspirants, we presented the Interview of an exceptional IIT JAM Ranker Mr. Arpan Parichha.

With Eduncle, Arpan discusses his preparation strategy, challenges faced, books chosen, exam day strategy and many more interesting details. So, read the blog including important tips as following-

About Arpan's Academic Journey

His Preparation Strategy

Why he Choose JAM Biotechnology for his Career?

Who Inspired Arpan for Exam Preparation?

Important Tips for Students

Self Studies or Coaching What is best to Crack the exam?

How Mock Tests help in preparation?

Suggestions for IIT JAM Aspirants



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Q) A little detail about your academic journey and whereabouts. (where are you from, where did you studied).

I did my B.Sc. in Life Science from Presidency University, Kolkata and my specialization were in Molecular Biology. I am from Kolkata but currently staying in Mumbai. I am currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program at TIFR (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research).



Q) How many hours did you give for JAM Biotechnology Preparation? What preparation strategy works the best?

I studied less but studied daily. I studied roughly 3-4 hours a day. Also, I kept a separate time of the day preferably in the morning for practicing MCQ type questions.

Apart from brushing up my basic concepts, I also made short notes and flashcards to remember the information better. As the IIT JAM Biotechnology paper requires a lot of practice, I noted down the informative details every day using flashcards.



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Q) Why did you choose IIT JAM Biotechnology? Is this a good choice for the career?

For people who want to go for research or industry M.Sc., Biotech courses in IIT are very good for both aspirants. Now among IIT JAM Biotechnology and Biological Sciences, I think preparing for Biotechnology is beneficial. The reason for preparing for Biotechnology is that the possibility of getting seats in Biotechnology is higher as compared to Biological Sciences. Getting a good rank in IIT JAM Biotechnology Exam would open the doors for both IISc and IITs.



Q) Did you plan for JAM from the starting only? Who inspired you for the JAM Preparation? How did you motivate yourself?

I didn’t prepare specifically for IIT JAM only, there was no real preparation strategy but yes, I studied the IIT JAM Syllabus well and practiced of all the sample papers/ previous year question papers.

My strength is group study. I have a group of like-minded friends and group study works for us. Most of us have cleared JAM with high scores. You need a strong conceptual base in your chosen subject and your college syllabus is sufficient to score well in JAM. I came to know about JAM from few of my seniors. I try to learn the basic concepts and share it with friends - this keeps me motivated.



Q) Do you want to give any tips for students who are preparing for IIT JAM 2023? How should one make a study plan?

Yes, my suggestion would be study less but study smart. Most important is to practice Maths daily. Instead of studying blindly, one should focus on those topics which were frequently asked in previous years. Practicing MCQs daily is the key to success.



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Q) Do you believe in self-study or getting enrolled in coaching is necessary for JAM? Which books did you study for JAM biotechnology?

I believe in self-study and I did not take any coaching for IIT JAM Preparation.  I don’t think anyone requires it, if they study their graduation subjects well. Most of the students tend to forget those concepts learned at the graduation level. Here’s my suggested list of books:

Lehninger Biochemistry - Nelson and cox

Molecular Biology - James Watson

Cell Biology - H. Lodish

Bios insta notes series from Garland Science.

Pathfinder Academy MCQ book was pretty helpful.



Q) How important are the mock tests for JAM preparation? Does it really help students?

I think yes. Several books are available for model test paper. Practicing of IIT JAM Mock Test increases the ability of time management.



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Q) What was your examination hall experience? Had you already taken JAM online exam?

I have appeared in JAM in 2016 and my exam hall experience was quite good. I personally feel that the computer-based examination is better than pen paper-based examination.



Q) What intrigues you the most about biotechnology?

I like to call myself a science enthusiast and I am passionate about exploring the mysteries of Biology.



Q) Any resources or helpful notes that you'd like to share with JAM aspirants? How do you keep yourself motivated to help students?

I have shared some important question-solving tricks on my YouTube Channel. In order to help people and spread education, I made this YouTube channel which contains videos about basic concepts of biology. My idea is to share concepts that I acquired during my course so that other people could get the benefits. Helping other people gives me motivation.



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Keeping yourself motivated is always important if you want to achieve your goal. We hope that you have got enough inspiration from the Arpan Parichha. There is definitely a lot to learn from him.

If you have any doubt regarding your IIT JAM Preparation, then you can share with us in the comment box below. 

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  • Jitendra patel

    hii my name is Jitendra Patel, my question is - I have 4.5 month for preparing the IIT Jam BT can i crack the iit jam 2023 and take a best college for pg

  • Jeevan kumar

    what kind of placements will be after studying masters in iits?


    Hello Jeevan,
    Greeting From Eduncle!
    You can check our blog of IIT JAM Career Scope to know the various opportunities after the exam.
    Thank You!!

  • comment-profile-img>
    K lakshman

    My name is K lakshman. i will prepared for IITJAM Biotechnolgy on 2021. Iam coming from rural background. Iam also join in Eduncle, but preparartion is too difficulty. i read nearly 10hours per day. But total confuses in the topics. please advice the proper stuyplan and some preparation tips for me?


    Hello K Lakshman,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    You should check the complete syllabus first and make strategy accordingly. Please read IIT JAM Preparation tips for detailed information.
    Thanks for asking your query with us!

  • Shivani rahul gawade

    Hello am doing and am in 1 year.....I decided to take Botany subject for last which subject I choose for IIT JAM biotechnology or biological sciences???


    Hello Shivani,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    You can apply for IIT JAM Biotechnology Subject only.
    Thanks for asking your query with us!

  • Rupam

    After pursuing bsc.agriculture can we appear for IIT JAM in biotechnology or biological sciences.?


    Hello Rupam,   Greetings from Eduncle!   Yes, you can surely appear for JAM 2017. As u would be opting for Biological Sciences (BL) subject, so kindly take care of these broad categories General Biology; Basics of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biophysics; Microbiology, Cell Biology and Immunology and Mathematical Sciences.   All the above-mentioned topics have numerous sub-topics under them. For detailed information regarding the topics, you need to check the IIT JAM 2017 Brochure. Hope you have got a justified answer for the asked query.   Kind Regards, Eduncle Team


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