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Eduncle is Thriving with 270+ Selections & Continued Success in IIT JAM 2018


IIT JAM Selections from Eduncle


IIT JAM 2019 Admit Card Released - Download Here


Dear Students,


We take immense pleasure in announcing the success of our students in IIT JAM 2018 Exam. We Congratulate all successful candidates for their massive success in JAM. This year, 1329  students enrolled in our IIT JAM courses. Eduncle has marked remarkable success with more than 270 selections.


Going back in time, let's look at the journey through which Eduncle became 'Golden Standard' among the IIT JAM Exam Aspirants and Toppers.


Eduncle announced its first ever IIT JAM Study Material in year 2015. In the very first year, Eduncle embarked its successful journey with 279 enrollment. Amongst many of our selected candidates, 2 candidates got All India Rank 6th and 21st in JAM Mathematics and Biological Science.


A year later, we continued our success journey with overall 1049 enrollments and 100+ selections. Amongst many of our registered champs, some got their name listed in top 100 Ranks of JAM 2016.


Making it a pattern, Eduncle came up with even bigger and mightier success, as we have reached mind-whopping 271 selections in 2017-18 and still counting…


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Here’s the list of our qualified candidates given below:


SubjectTotal All India RanksTop Ranks
Physics6797, 102, 184, 226, 235, 263, 278, 291, 300
Chemistry5870, 74, 251, 324, 379, 621, 684
Mathematics48144, 270, 314, 335, 361, 374
Mathematical Statistics2811, 27, 29, 35, 54, 85, 204, 221, 228, 236, 307, 314, 346, 356, 508, 549
Biological Science3719, 132, 247, 253, 486
Biotechnology21221, 339, 361, 457, 485, 528
Geology124, 115, 234, 290, 310, 312, 337, 470, 519, 562




IIT JAM Subject wise Top Selections from Eduncle:



Geology (GG) Top Selections from Eduncle in 2018:


Geology is one of the high in demand subject in JAM Exam. This year Eduncle has given outstanding results in IIT JAM Geology with AIR 4, Rohan being one of our star performers.


Alisha Jena57310GEN
Ashutosh Naik50.67337SC
Manas Ranjan41.33519OBC-NCL
Subhadip Singha40.33562_



What IIT JAM Geology Toppers Say About Eduncle:




 Rohan How good is  Eduncle's IIT JAM Study MaterialAIR 4, Rohan - I owe my success in JAM 2018 Exam to Eduncle.


Marks - 92 Out of 100




Mathematical Statistics (MS) Top Selections from Eduncle in 2018:


We are seconded to none when it comes to JAM Mathematical Statistics results. We have got record breaking 50.9% selection rate in our Mathematical Statistics courses. Have a look at our few achievers:



Sujander Rana63.3311_
Chetan Singhal57.3327_
Sumedha Ghosh5729_
Shivam Mangalam5535_
Samhita Pal50.3354_
Rishabh Shreevastava30221_
Sudipta Patowary29236_
S Ayisha24.37346_
Vijay Singh24356GEN
Ali Abbas20.33508GEN
Nikhil Patil18.33549OBC
Vivek Kumar17.69634_
Jamboni Shivratna8.671436SC
Akash Shivaji5.331920SC



What IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics Toppers Say About Eduncle:


 Sujander-Rana IIT JAM Topper 2018AIR 11, Sujander RanaMarks - 63.33 Out of 100
Chetan-Singhal IIT JAM ranker 2018 from EduncleAIR 27, Chetan Singhal -Study material from Eduncle was quite helpful in grasping the theoretical concepts. Further, there were ample relevant practice questions for each topic to get hold over the subject. Also, last 5 years solved past papers were a great help.Marks - 57.33 Out of 100
Sumedha-Ghosh IIT JAM rank 29 MS EduncleAIR 29, Sumedha GhoshMarks - 57 Out of 100
Shivam-Mangalam IIT JAM Qualified Candidate from EduncleAIR 35, Shivam Mangalam -I would like to thank Eduncle. The study material is to the point. I found the unit solved papers very useful. I will happily suggest Eduncle to anyone who is preparing for IIT JAM(MS).Marks - 55 Out of 100
Samhita-Pal JAM 2018 Ranker AIR 50 EduncleAIR 50, Samhita PalMarks - 50.33 Out of 100
Harshita-Jain Eduncle JAM ranker AIR 85 MSAIR 85, Harshita Jain - test series is good enough. It would be icing on the cake if it gets updated according to the new syllabus.Marks - 43 Out of 100




Biological Science (BL) Top Selections from Eduncle in 2018:


With least number of seats, IIT JAM Biological Science is one of the subjects that we serve the best. Our results indicate the excellence of the BL Study Material. Have a look at our Rankers from 2018 Session so far:


Arundhati Medya60.3319GEN
Rohima Sharma50132_
Disha MukherjeeNA253_
Prachi Jain31.67727_
Smriti Gupta321000_
Milind BoseNA1054_
Ambika Gangula26.331101_
Biva Devi26.671126OBC-NCL
Mohd Sharique Ansari261147_
Pradhnesh AndhareNA1164_
Shubhangi KashyapNA1181_
Nischalta Pal25.331260GEN
Gaurav gaur23.331400GEN
Hitika Puri231454_
Sushmita Das23.931502GEN
IIT JAM Biological Science Rankers from Eduncle:


 Arundhati-Medya IIT JAM BL Ranker AIR 19AIR 19, Arundhati Medya


Marks - 60.33




Biotechnology (BT) Top Selections from Eduncle in 2018:


We have got overall 21 selections in IIT JAM Biotechnology 2018 Exam. With 45% selection rate, Eduncle has set a new standard among JAM Biotechnology Courses. Some of our enrolled candidates couldn’t share their marks with us due to being busy in their ongoing Admission Process. We’d update the ranks and marks once they’ll contact us regarding the same.


Gaurab GhoshNA221_
Vikash Kumar43.6339_
Amrita Arpita PadhyNA361_
Hema SK36485GEN
Gangula Ambika38.67528GEN
Pallavi Kundu28.671100_
Divya SinghNA1300OBC-NCL

Physics (PH) Top Selections from Eduncle in 2018:


Being on of the highest intake subject in Joint Admission Test, JAM Physics is one of our best compiled courses. We have consistently provided All India Ranks in Physics Subject from last 3 years. We are still counting our achievers from session 2018. Have a look at some of our rankers:


Shubhendra Baranwal4997GEN
Palash Kusum Das41.33263SC
Arnab Ghosh41.33278OBC
Deepak VermaNA291OBC
Joy Das Bairagya58300_
Arijit ChatterjeeNA383_
Manisha Mahato37.33421_
Aayush Madaan34.33570_
Anil Kumar Pradhan33.67597OBC-NCL
Nirmit Tripathii33633GEN
LaxmiPrasad Naik30837_
Nehal Sadmake27.671014ST
Abhishek Sengupta271072GEN
Anirban Dasgupta26.61119GEN
Mr. Amrita26.331169GEN
Soumen Datta26.661276_
Fareeha Thabanath23.331524OBC-NCL
Gunjan Saini22.331676OBC-NCL
Jaspreet Bal221724_
Karan Dogra21.331875GEN
Randhir Kumar20.671971GEN



Chemistry (CY) Top Selections from Eduncle in 2018:


In IIT JAM Chemistry, the enrolled students have continued to achieve great ranks with our Study Material and Question Bank.


Akshay Saroha7670GEN
Bikramaditya Das75.6774_
Sudip Ghosh64.7251_
Sayan Kumar Jana62324GEN
Arpit Sharma60379_
Aditi Saraswat53.6621GEN
Pallav Mondal52.33684GEN
Raushan KumarNA814OBC
Ravi Kant Yadav46900_
Surjyum Kumar Patra37.67904_
Noor Ashique46.67965_
Namita PatilNA1051_
Nikita Priya401434OBC-NCL
Narendra Singh39.331491OBC-NCL
Lathamani modaliar361575_
Ashutosh Panigrahi37.21587_
Rahul Benani39.231784_


Eduncle JAM Chemistry Selection:


 Bikramaditya-das iit jam chemistry qualified AIR 74AIR 74, Bikramaditya DasMarks - 75.67 Out of 100




Mathematics (MA) Top Selections from Eduncle in 2018:


With a total of 48 selections in JAM Mathematics, Eduncle Study Material has built up an excellent reputation among exam aspirants. Our courses and question papers are compiled by expert teachers who have already conquered the JAM Exam in Mathematics (MA). Here are few of our selected candidates:


Suranjan Mondal46144GEN
Dheeraj Kumar40270OBC-NCL
Mansi Saini38335OBC-NCL
Amit Mishra37374GEN
Rabinarayan Swain35.67445GEN
Zain MalikNA521_
Rakesh Kumar33.33600OBC
Jhumar Ram29.67731OBC-NCL
Sanjeet Kumar29.33752_
Satish Sharma21920OBC
Shanu kumar21960_
Devesh Pandey251121_
Alok Kumar23.331271_
Banwari Pareek23.331287_
Puspanjali Ghoshal201324_
Pawan Ram251344OBC
Dimple V Sejpal221439GEN
Abhijit Kumar21.331494OBC
Sanjukta18.31992OBC NCL


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IIT JAM 2017 Winners from Eduncle!



With the release of IIT JAM Result, Eduncle notched up more than 100 selections in IIT JAM 2017. We feel proud to announce it that the aspirants who started their JAM Preparation with the exclusive study material provided on Eduncle have scored very well in the exam.


IIT JAM 2017 Winner and Merit List



The candidates who are going to appear in the further IIT JAM Exams may take help of the quality education offered by India’s Leading Online Learning Platform, Eduncle. It serves as a free learning management system for JAM aspirants.


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IIT JAM 2017 Result - Merit List from Eduncle!



Eduncle which is India’s Leading Online Learning Platform provides the complete online learning packages for aspirants to prepare for IIT JAM Exam.


At Eduncle, the candidates can take full advantage of the study material in printed and digital format, online video lectures, sample papers, mock test papers and previous year question papers by registering themselves on the website.


To benefit candidates by providing the best education for IIT JAM, Eduncle offers great deals for e-learning packages and also, makes the complete package available in pen drive formats so the candidates who don’t have internet access can also take full advantage of learning.


Amongst many of our registered champs, some got their name listed in top 100 Ranks of JAM 2016.



Below, you can check their ranks and reviews as well-



IIT JAM Physics Toppers (Qualified Candidates)



NameMarks ObtainedResultRank
Saswata Talukdar16.04Qualified2014
Anjali Sharma24.16Qualified701
Alankar Dutta38.38Qualified107
Monica Pradhan17.39Qualified801
Avanish K R Rao6. 40Qualified2046
Rajesh Ghosh-Qualified307
Mohd. Yaseen18.02Qualified1699
Muktar Kuma19.03Qualified1408
Maan Singh15.59Qualified2276



IIT JAM Mathematics Toppers (Qualified Candidates)



NameMarks ObtainedResultRank
Rohit Kumar32.07Qualified666
Lokesh Kumar27.02Qualified1188
P Chrysolite27.38Qualified1088
Pradnya Wanaskar13.36Qualified4576
Shubham Singh23.11Qualified1705
Hritiz Gogoi35.67Qualified508
Sayantan Sarkar26.68Qualified1240



IIT JAM Chemistry Rankers (Qualified Candidates)



NameMarks ObtainedResultRank
Souryaban Choudhary64.02Qualified100
Ankit Sen39.37Qualified864
Jogendranath Pradhan28.75Qualified1077
Sibshankar Bari39.66Qualified416
Gobinda Nama12.09Qualified5527
Abhay38.67Qualified 800
Rajan Sharma22.05Qualified2691
Pradip Kathi34Qualified1208
Ipshita Ghoshal24Qualified2353
Suraj Mahato-Qualified295
Tamanna Dalal40Qualified1146
Rohan Bhardwaj28.9Qualified1774
Abhipsha Pandit33.01Qualified1028



IIT JAM Geology Achievers (Qualified Candidates)



NameMarks ObtainedResultRank
Awaneesh Kumar31.6Qualified580
Shubham Badola56.02Qualified135
Abhilash Sen35.69Qualified481



IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics (Qualified Candidates)



NameMarks ObtainedResultRank
Isha Patil22.08Qualified410
Subodh Kumar33Qualified171
Vinay Jadhav20.36Qualified516
Bikram Sutradhar26.02Qualified392
Shreya Bhan-Qualified172
Ranjan Sharma23.1Qualified400



IIT JAM Biological Sciences Merit List (Qualified Candidates)



NameMarks ObtainedResultRank
Kuntal Dey46.04Qualified793
Abhipsa Panda40Qualified1552
Shruti Silva47.71Qualified698
Ankita Singh37.99Qualified1475
Akshatha N S40.4Qualified1258
Joe Cyril35.05Qualified1776
Ruchika Sarda-Just Qualified-
Nikita Poddar45.93Qualified827
Ashish Dubey47.72Qualified695.00
Paramita Mazumdar-Qualified1600



IIT JAM Biotechnology Rankers (Qualified Candidates)



NameMarks ObtainedResultRank
Bagia Kukkar52Qualified445
Ayushi Tiwari30.71Qualified765
Amit Kumar49.72Qualified67
Aleena Benson33.7Qualified508
Kanchan Swami33.7Qualified710




IIT JAM 2017 - Success Stories & Achievers’ Reviews!


With the release of IIT JAM Results 2018, Eduncle marks a great success in JAM.

Since 2015, 100+ candidates made into the JAM Merit List. Eduncle continues to provide persistent results this year too. The list of IIT JAM Toppers and Qualifiers will be updated soon. Keep visiting us for latest updates.



IIT JAM Success Story 1Nabendu kumar khan (PH) AIR-26 (MARKS- 48.3)

The study material of Eduncle helps me a lot.

IIT JAM Success Story 2Abhirakshit (MA) AIR- 41 (MARKS- 54.7)

Eduncle Study Material helped me a lot in revising the vast syllabus of JAM by a single source. The tests were very helpful in revising the syllabus in chunks as well as in full.

IIT JAM Success Story 3Pushkala Krishnan (GG) AIR- 159 (Marks-53.69)

Each success story is created not by an individual but by a group of people who put in their heart and soul for an achievement, for which I'm grateful to my mother who is my strength, my professors who have always encouraged me and my seniors who were always there to support me.I could achieve this due to the enriched library in my university and the materials supplied by eduncle.

IIT JAM Success Story 4Sangram Deokar (MA) AIR - 383 (Marks-38.03)

I am thankful to Eduncle for helping me give my best and get admission in a good college.The group study sessions at the center under the constant guidance of the mentors here helped me gain confidence and strive harder.The doubt solving sessions always proved helpful to solve the doubts and problems faced in solving the modules.The modules have been designed so thoughtfully that solving them sincerely helps us gain achieve success without even getting tired.The test series at Eduncle helped us overcome the exam fear and also to improve our speed and know our mistakes.

IIT JAM Success StoryBikram Sutradhar (MS) AIR – 392 (Marks – 26.02)

Eduncle note's provide me a best guide for self study. IIT jam exam is toughest exam but when I buy Eduncle notes then I realized that that my pressure is going to be end.

It provide us a best guidance. I get IIT jam rank AIR 392 by my self study. Self study is the best study and with this Eduncle notes that's enough for IIT jam preparation. Best guide Eduncle.

IIT JAM Success Story 5Sibshankar bari (CY) AIR- 415 (Marks -39.66)

EDUNCLE study material of JAM is intensely helpful to me.

IIT JAM Success Story 6Hritiz Gogoi (MA) AIR - 508 (Marks -35.67)

Being from the Non-Mathematical background (I was a working as a Civil Engineer), Eduncle helped me to grasp the basics of graduate Maths by its useful problems Unit wise (USP) and Model Tests(MSPs).

IIT JAM Success Story 7Aleena Benson ( BT) AIR- 580 (Marks - 33.7)

"For me, Eduncle has been a good web source, where we get awareness nearly on all streams of education which hopefully serves as the finest mentor that paves the way to get into our careers.The people in it are very helpful in getting our doubts cleared and also in following up of our current status. I was also benefited from their resource in biotechnology in the IIT JAM entrance examination which was of great help to me in attaining a good score. Thank you eduncle. Keep going.."

IIT JAM Success Story 8Priyanka Panda (BL) AIR- 1220 (Marks- 40.95)

My thanks to EDUNCLE team. I could success due to EDUNCLE    question bank, online practice set as well as online conversions with EDUNCLE  faculties which shows the quality and experience faculties in EDUNCLE which is useful for my success in JAM 2017.  Again I thanks to the whole EDUNCLE team. I would like to say one thing " ALONE WE CAN DO SO LITTLE; TOGETHER WE CAN DO SO MUCH"

IIT JAM Success Story 9Bharat Mankar (MA) AIR- 2577 (Marks- 19.75)

Thanks a ton sir for your appreciations..i did hard work for the exam and your classes notes makes it more easier for me to do study...again many many thanks for your help and wishes. Hoping your wishes further....

 IIT JAM Success Story 10Rajan Sharma (CY) AIR – 2691 (Marks - 22.05)

Eduncle pvt ltd is an easy way teaching institute. I m thankful to it for providing me best study material.

 IIT JAM Success Story 11Jeebika Nongmaithem(BL) AIR- 2860 (Marks- 27)

Thank u so much eduncle . Your help means a lot to me.




Mr. Gautam who bagged the 21st and 6th position in IIT JAM 2016 for Biological Science & Biotechnology, has shared his priceless reviews with us! Please read his experience of this wonderful journey from preparation to SUCCESS.


“Eduncle has proved to have a very good study material which gave me effortless studies and AIR-6 in biology, as most students spend time on resources i would say eduncle is the place of resources. THANK YOU!



Mr. Murali Karthik who cracked the exam with score 71 in Mathematics has shared his wonderful experience of taking the benefit of Eduncle’s Online Learning. Please read below-



“I took test series for IITJAM at, I got valuable inputs which equipped me with necessary inputs that helped me in clearing the exam. The mock tests helped me overcome my exam fear, helped boost my morale. Overall, it was a positive experience I had with Eduncle and I thank Eduncle for guiding me to success.Thanking you,Yours sincerely,V.A.M.KARTHIK”


We congratulate the winners on their success and wishing all the best for their future journey of pursuing M.Sc. from any of the JAM Participating IITs and IISc.


Also wishing them a bright career ahead! 



Ultimately, when you achieve your goals, we celebrate. Our success lies within our students. We further promise to make your IIT JAM Exam journey easy and fulfilling in all ways.


With our JAM Study Material, we assure you exceptional personalized preparation with consistent follow-up and follow-through mentoring. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we. Our team is available to address any concerns. You can leave a comment to us so that our team can reach you and help you with the perfect guidance.


Soon you will be able to take advantage of our mentoring and doubt solutions from our Eduncle App. Just subscribe to know about our app release.