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Preparation Tips on How to Crack CSIR NET 2022 Exam with Top AIR

CSIR NET Preparation Tips

CSIR NET 2022 Model Papers


CSIR NET is one of the toughest exams conducted to direct your career path towards the lavishly paid jobs of Junior Research Fellows or Assistant Professors.

So, to qualify for this exam, your preparation has to be smart, effective and systematic.

For this, we have come up with the CSIR NET Preparation Strategy further in this article that will make your ongoing process more precise and easier. You will also get the preparation tips for each subject and last-minute tips for the exam.

The window to fill out the Application Form for CSIR NET JUNE 2022 Exam Session is now open from 11th July to 17th August 2022. The exam is expected to be conducted from 16th - 18th September 2022. So, you’ll have to muster all your efforts, and energy and use them in the right direction to get satisfactory results.

CSIR NET Preparation Tips - 8 Essential Things for Better Start

CSIR NET Subject-Wise Preparation Plan

    CSIR NET Preparation Tips for General Aptitude

    How to Prepare for CSIR NET Life Science Exam

    CSIR NET Preparation for Chemical Sciences

    How to Prepare for CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences

    How to Prepare for CSIR NET Physical Sciences

    How to Learn Theorems, Derivations in CSIR NET

    How to Solve Numerical Problems (Tips to Solve & Short Tricks)

    CSIR NET Preparation Tips Earth Sciences

CSIR NET Last Minute Tips - Things to Keep in Mind



Start your CSIR NET Exam studies with the updated syllabus and plan your preparation smartly. Download Free PDF Now!!



CSIR NET Preparation Tips – 8 Essential Things for Better Start!


 How to prepare for CSIR NET Exam?

 How to crack CSIR NET Exam?

 How can I prepare for CSIR NET Exam without coaching?

 How to Prepare for CSIR NET at home?

 How to qualify CSIR NET?

Perhaps, these are the most common questions every student might have in their minds while preparing for the exam.

So, to answer these types of questions, below we are providing the NTA CSIR NET Preparation plans suggested by Eduncle Experts to help you out in reaching your destination.

Review the complete CSIR NET Syllabus 2022 and list all the topics on a paper.

Understand the paper pattern and set your targeted score to bag up the exam qualification.

Seek out the best CSIR NET Study Materials and Online Coaching. When choosing the study resources, make sure it covers the complete syllabus.

Plan a study schedule to manage your time effectively during the exam preparation:

    Spend at least 5 hours on your studies daily and allow 1 hour extra for revision.

    Take important topics at first. As soon as you complete a topic, revise it instantly.

    Also perform the combined revision of the topics which you studied for the whole day long, before going to sleep at night.

    Utilize morning hours on those topics that you find difficult to learn and understand.

    Noon hours should be spent on the topics which can be solved with the help of short tricks and methods.

    Try to cover your maximum portion in the morning and noon hours and dedicate evening hours to refining your performance.

The best way to polish up your skills and improve your performance is to solve CSIR NET Previous Years Question Papers. Eduncle experts suggest you to analyze the previous year’s question papers and filter out the topics whose occurrence frequency is higher than the others.

 While preparing for the exam, you should make regular notes. Here are some tips to make effective notes:

    For the theory portion, you can make a small diagram or flowchart to learn/see things in a short span.

    Always remember, you should make short notes only after you have good knowledge of the topics, otherwise you will end up preparing detailed notes.

    For numerical questions, prepare a separate notebook for formulas and write each formula (Unit Wise) which is in your syllabus and revise it regularly.

    Highlight and give extra effort to those formulas which are used frequently in the numerical.

    Always give preference for making short notes to the topics with high weightage or which are asked frequently in the last few years.

Start taking CSIR NET Online Mock Tests so that you can self-assess your performance and put your efforts towards improving it.

For better learning practices, avoid cramming and focus more on understanding their actual meanings and methods.





CSIR NET Preparation Plan [Subject-Wise]


Below we have come up with the subject-wise preparation strategies to make it clear to you know how to prepare for CSIR NET Life Science, Chemical Science, Mathematical Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science Exam.

We have also provided the preparation tips for General Aptitude [Part-A] as this is also an important section. But if we look at all these three sections, then Part-B and Part-C contain higher marks.

These sections consist of questions from the opted Subjects only. Any candidate who is aspiring for CSIR NET 2022 can score 170 marks out of 200 marks if most of the questions are answered appropriately.

The marking scheme for each subject is different. So, below we have given the CSIR NET Preparation Tips for each subject accordingly.



CSIR NET Preparation Plan for General Aptitude [Part-A]


This section owns a total of 30 marks. If you attempt all the 15 compulsory questions and answer them accurately, then you win 30 marks from this section itself.

But practically, it is not possible to answer all the questions correctly. So let’s consider only 20 marks to be scored in this section (means you’ll have to answer at least 10 questions accurately). So your targeted score for PART-A should be 17-20 marks.

In order to achieve this score, the candidates are required to prepare excellently for this section.

Some useful CSIR NET Exam Preparation Tips for Part-A is given below:

Firstly, read the question clearly and try to understand its actual meaning. Don’t try to interpret it wrong, otherwise, you can misdirect your solution path.

Prepare your mind to face any twist and turn that can be resolved while solving the questions.

Solve the short time taking questions first and take lengthy questions later [only if you have enough time remaining to solve them].

Try to use short tricks and formulas to solve Maths’ questions instead of using the long methods.

Solving Logical Reasoning questions can be easy if we use our presence of mind. [Do not assume information that is not given. Remember this warning especially while tackling ‘logical reasoning’ and ‘data analysis’ questions.

Take help from the Diagrams or Graphs to solve the Part-A questions. This is the easiest way to attempt questions with a minimal time limit. [You can draw them by yourself too, in case the questions don’t have any illustrating diagram or graph.

Do not waste your time guessing. Answer only when you are sure about it! As per the latest scheme, the General Aptitude paper will have a negative marking of 0.5 Marks deduction from each wrong answer. So Stay Focused.

Tip: Remember that ‘Speed and Accuracy’ are two essential skills to score well in any competitive Exam.


Important Topics for General Aptitude [Part-A]:

Numerical Ability (10 to 15 Marks)

Logical Reasoning and Mental Ability (15 to 18 Marks) 



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How to Prepare for CSIR NET Life Science Exam? Useful Tips to Crack the Exam!


To know how to prepare for CSIR NET Life Sciences Exam, candidates can read some tips below: 

While preparing for the exam you should know the complete syllabus. It helps you to prepare a study plan for CSIR NET life science.

For CSIR NET Life Science, you can own 70 marks in Part-B and 100 Marks in Part-C.

For B-Section, as per the exam pattern, candidates will have to solve only questions out of 50 but keep the negative marking (0.5 marks deduction for each wrong answer) in mind while solving questions.

For C-Section, candidates are required to answer any 25 questions out of 75, to score 100 marks. (4 marks for each correct answer).

While attempting the C-Section, you should be aware of its negative marking. For each wrong answer, you may lose 1.0 marks, so answer the questions only when you're sure about them.

The exam will be held soon so you can prepare for the exam with the help of our latest video on CSIR NET Preparation Strategy for 2 months here:



Along with the CSIR NET Life Sciences Syllabus, we have mentioned the important topics for this subject also. So, candidates are advised to take those topics first while doing CSIR NET Life Science Preparation.

Usually, the important topics for CSIR NET Life Science come from Physics, Chemistry, and Biological Sciences.

The candidates belonging to bio background face difficulties in solving other sections apart from Biological Science, so they should attempt most of the questions from biological science and after that, they can attempt other questions.

So attempt your strong section first and then attempt other sections.


CSIR NET Life Science Preparation Tip: Learning topics with visual presentation and imagination will increase your memory power, so try to visualize things in your imagination, while reading them.


Hope we have answered the question ‘How to prepare for CSIR NET Life Science Exam’, with the above-given strategy for CSIR NET Preparation Life Sciences.

Important Topics for CSIR NET Life Science 2022:

Methods in Biology (25 to 40 Marks)

Fundamental Process (40 to 50 Marks, most questions are asked in Part C)

Evolution and Behavior (20 to 30 Marks, mostly asked in Part C)

Developmental Biology (15 to 35 Marks)



Free Download CSIR NET Life Science Sample Study Notes



How to Prepare for CSIR NET Chemical Science Exam?


Scroll down and know how to prepare for CSIR NET Chemical Sciences!

This section can benefit you with a total of 70 (Part-B) + 100 (Part-C) marks, which means you will have to solve any 35 + 25 questions out of 40 + 60 questions respectively to gain this score.

Part-B consists of questions from Chemistry (of 10+2 level), so candidates who have the Chemical Sciences basic fundamentals clear can score more in this exam.

Part C consists of questions from the Graduation and PG level, so think twice before answering them.

Note - There will be a negative marking of 0.5 marks deduction for each wrong answer in sections A & B of Chemical Science. Whereas Section C has 1 mark negative. So, take care of the accuracy whenever you attempt the questions.

While doing CSIR NET Chemical Science Preparation, make sure that you have all the basics and fundamentals cleared.

Hope you have got your answer on how to prepare for CSIR NET Chemistry Exam.


Important Topics for Chemical Science:

Organometallic Compounds, Coordination Chemistry, Main Group, Reagents (All these have 12 to 15 Marks Weightage)

Named Reactions (35 to 50 Marks)

Reaction Mechanism (15 to 20 Marks)

Spectroscopy (10 to 15 Marks)

Thermodynamics (12 to 20 Marks)

Quantum Chemistry (25 to 35 Marks)



Free Download CSIR NET Chemical Science Sample Study Notes



How to Prepare for CSIR NET Mathematics Exam?


For CSIR NET Mathematical Science, you can score max 75 marks from Part-B (20 questions to be attempted) and max 95 marks from Part-C (20 questions to be attempted).

As per the given syllabus, Part-C has 4 units but the 4th unit is statistics. So only the first 3 units are of Mathematics, which has 42 questions and in the exam, you have to attempt 20 questions only.

So, 2 units will be sufficient for candidates if they prepare them excellently. But in case, you have enough time to prepare for the 3rd unit, then you can attempt the questions from the 3rd unit also.

While preparing for CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences Exam, candidates should definitely solve the previous years’ question papers to know about the question format and to assess their performance in terms of speed and accuracy.

You can also take help of online learning to prepare better for this exam.


In order to ace the Mathematical Science Exam, one should master the short tricks and Maths Formulas and the other key skill which can help candidates in scoring more is Time Management.

 Exam time is 180 minutes, break this time into three parts of 90–95 minutes, 55–65 minutes, and 20–25 minutes.

  The questions in Part C have more than one option as the correct answer, so it is always better to start with part C because after solving this part concept will be clear in your mind, and then it would be really easy to attempt Part B.

  So solve Part C in the first 90–95 minutes and then part B in the next 55–65 minutes.

  You should attempt Part A in last and should not give more than 25 minutes.

CSIR NET Mathematical Science Preparation Tip: Since in Part A and Part B there is a negative marking of 0.5 and 0.75 marks respectively. For Part C there is no negative marking. So, don’t attempt those questions for which you are not confident.


Important Topics for Mathematical Sciences:

Differential Equations (35 to 40 Marks)

Integral Calculus (35 to 40 Marks)

Calculus of Variation (19 to 25 Marks)



Free Download CSIR NET Mathematics Sample Study Notes



How to Prepare CSIR NET Physics Exam?


As per the CSIR NET Physical Sciences Exam Pattern, the candidates can score max 70 Marks in Part-B and 100 Marks in Part-C.

In the CSIR NET Physics Section Part-B, you only need to focus on the basic concepts of Physics, which you have studied at the 10+2 level. This part can be very scoring if candidates prepare very well for this section.

For Part-C, the candidates can study Physical Science problems at a higher level.

For preparing in the right direction, the candidates should first take the important topics first and then cover the remaining topics.

Note: For each wrong attempt in Part A, Part B, and Part C of Life Science there is a negative marking of 0.5, 0.875, and 1.25 respectively.


Important Topics for CSIR NET Physical Sciences:

Quantum Mechanics (35 to 50 Marks)

EMFT, Mathematical Physics, Classical Mechanics all have approximate equal weightage (25 to 40 Marks)



Free Download CSIR NET Physics Sample Study Notes



How to Learn Theorems, Derivations in CSIR NET


In CSIR NET Physical Sciences, learning and practicing theorems and derivations are amongst the toughest parts. Many students struggle to learn it.

So, to help you out in this, we have come up with some tips and short tricks to learn and practice the theorems and derivations:

The theorem can be divided into 2 parts: statement, and its result. You need to understand and learn both.

Try to solve and remember some problems where a particular theorem is applied which will give more clarity over understanding it.

To remember derivation, first, you need to remember the conditions under which a particular formula is derived. Using them, try to understand its derivation and then try to derive the formula all by yourself. 

If you practice the derivation multiple times, you will learn it. Understanding of derivation is very much required for conceptual clarity too.



How to Solve Numerical Problems (Tips to Solve & Short Tricks)


Now, here are some tips and tricks to solve numerical questions in CSIR NET Exam:

To solve the numerical problems, understanding the question clearly is most important. A well-defined problem is half solved already, so it is necessary to be clear about what is given in the problem and what is asked.

After this, look for the formula which can be used to find out the parameter which is required to be calculated. Such an approach will not only be helpful in remembering all the formulas but will also help in approaching a numerical problem in a correct manner. 

As far as approaching the problem is concerned, flow to solve a problem is developed with regular practice.

You can start with the solved problems so that you have a solution to look at in case you face any problem.

Once all the chapters are covered with all the formulas and solve problems in practice, you can then take the unsolved problems.

Do not appreciate short tricks in CSIR Exam as in Part C some tricky questions come so if you use short tricks you may get the wrong answer.



CSIR NET Preparation Strategy for Earth Sciences


To prepare well for the CSIR NET Earth Sciences Exam, candidates are required to first cover up the complete syllabus of Part-B Section and then take the Part-C Topics.

As per the important topics, the Part-B section is very scoring. If the candidates prepare for this section in the right direction and with a systematic approach, then they can score well in the exam.


Important Topics for Earth Sciences:

Atmospheric Science (30 to 50 Marks)

Geomorphology (15 to 20 Marks)

Oceanography (60 to 65 Marks)

Geophysics (50 to 55 Marks)

Metrology (40 to 45 Marks)



Free Download CSIR NET Earth Sciences Sample Study Notes



CSIR NET Last Minute Tips - Things to Keep in Mind


A day before the exam is a day of consternation. You may feel confused about the topics you have studied till now. You should do a few things to evade the pressure of the exam.

To help you out in this we have come up with some important CSIR NET Last Minute Tips. These tips will help in getting rid of the exam stress and attempting the paper with confidence.


Avoid Getting Pressurized


You have to keep in mind that you have done your best while preparing for CSIR NET Exam and now it’s time to confidently attempt the paper. Show yourself that overcoming the tension and stress is all in your hand.

To avoid getting pressurized you can go for a few interesting things like listening to music, walking, playing games or having fun with family and friends, etc.


Revise Your Notes


You are advised to revise your notes properly. Take help of the self-notes you have prepared while studying each topic in detail.

Revising the quick note will help you memorize the whole CSIR NET Syllabus with important points.


Eat Healthy


Avoid missing any of your meals. Skipping meals may result in loss of memory power. Retaining and memorizing what you have learned is very crucial.

Having a proper and balanced diet is not only important but beneficial for both mind and body. Take light food or healthy snacks at regular intervals. It’s better if you go for fruits. You can also eat chocolates to release stress and for instant energy.


Go to Bed Early


Proper sleep at night before the exam is extremely necessary for relaxation. You should have at least 8 hours of complete sleep.

Make sure you take dinner 2 hours before you go to bed, otherwise the full stomach will keep you awake.


Do What Works for You


Everyone has their own preparation strategy. Some want to be on their own, some listen to motivational things, everyone does different things to relax themselves the day before the exam. You may be someone who wears their brightest pair of high heels for luck.

Do whatever that puts you in the best frame of the mind and you are perfectly set up to take the exam.


Collect All Essentials for CSIR NET Exam


Along with the preparation, you also need to take care of the things you need to carry to the exam hall.

Be sure to get all the things ready just a day before the exam. Things that you need to bring to the CSIR NET Exam Centre are given below -

Photo Identity Proof

Black Ball Point Pen

Print out of online CSIR NET Admit Card



Track Your Progress by Solving Free CSIR NET Model Test Papers & Analyse Your exam Preparation. Download Now!



So, aspirants above we have discussed the complete CSIR NET Preparation Tips with you. Hope it will be beneficial in the journey of achieving better results.

If you have any queries or doubts regarding the above-discussed preparation tips and strategies, you may please share it in the comments section below.

If you want to give an extra edge to your preparation for CSIR NET Exam then download the Eduncle App, where you can get answers to all your doubts from a pan-India community of students and experts.


All the Best!



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