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CSIR NET General Aptitude Preparation Tips, Study Plan, Questions



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Greetings Aspirants!


As per the CSIR NET Exam format, the exam consists of three parts – Part A, B, and C. In these 3 sections, Part A is completely dedicated to CSIR NET General Aptitude and remaining two sections consist of questions from any of the opted subjects by the candidates.


Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the CSIR NET Preparation Tips, Strategies and a perfect study plan to crack the CSIR NET Part A General Aptitude Section.


Please read the complete blog to turn your CSIR NET Exam Preparation in the right direction.



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How to Prepare for CSIR NET General Aptitude Part-A Section? [Smart Ways]

CSIR NET General Aptitude Study Plan [Time Management]

CSIR NET Part-A Preparation - 10 Tips to Crack the Exam!

CSIR NET General Aptitude Paper-1 Practice Tricks! [Best Tools]

CSIR NET Part-A Questions & Model Paper!



How to Prepare for CSIR NET General Aptitude Part-A Section? Smart Ways to begin your Preparations!


At some point, we all wish that there should be some quick exam preparation mantras that may help us in gaining good score without studying much.


To make the CSIR NET Preparation easier for you, Eduncle has come up with some amazing ways through which you can give a smooth start to your exam preparations.


Please have a look below!


1. Understand the CSIR NET Exam Pattern to Get an Idea about the Exam Format!

Understanding the exam pattern is a must to do thing while starting up your exam preparation. As when you have a clear idea about the exam format, you can know what is your target score and in how much time you’ll have to attempt maximum questions.1CSIR-NET-Part-A-Exam-Pattern


2. Mark the Important Topics for CSIR NET General Aptitude and Cover Them First!

To study productively and get good scores in the exam, you really need to know what to study for! Note down the entire CSIR NET General Aptitude Syllabus and mark the important topics for a wise approach to cover up the complete syllabus.Below we are sharing a list of Important Topics for CSIR NET General Aptitude with their occurrence frequency and marking weightage. Hope this would prove beneficial for your exam prep) or (Hope this would prove helpful for you!2




3. Invest in Some Good CSIR NET Books and Study Material to Prepare Well for the Exam!

The difficulty level of CSIR NET Exam is very high. Nobody can easily achieve its qualification! Those who seriously wish to bag up the top scores in the exam must take help from the Experts. The candidates can procure the CSIR NET Study Material online or offline. Make sure it covers up the complete syllabus and is designed in a very interactive manner.The CSIR NET Books should also contain sample questions after completion of each topic.To help you out in choosing the right preparation stuff for you, Eduncle is providing the complete guidance in the following blog.






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CSIR NET General Aptitude Study Plan Schedule for Effective Time Management


After collecting all the CSIR NET Exam Pre-Requisites, candidates should prepare a study schedule for a smooth preparation journey!


Do you have a study plan to fulfill your goals for CSIR NET General Aptitude Exam?


No? It’s okay! Eduncle is here to help you.


Eduncle Experts have come up with the perfect Study Plan for aspirants to prepare well for CSIR NET General Aptitude Paper. Please check below –


CSIR NET General Aptitude Preparation Plan


Tip: Save at least 1.5 Hours daily to practice for this section and 30 Minutes for Revision!


Day 1


Time and Work + Time and Distance


Day 2


Time and Work + Time and Distance


Day 3


Percentage + Mensuration


Day 4


Percentage + Mensuration


Day 5


Graphical Representation & Analysis


Day 6 


Series Formation & Coding - Decoding


Day 7 


Series Formation & Coding - Decoding


Day 8


Data Interpretation


Day 9


Distance & Directions


Day 10


Data Interpretation + Distance & Directions


Day 11


Ranking & Arrangement


Day 12


Number & Simplification


Day 13


Sequence & Series


Day 14


Data Interpretation + Puzzles


Day 15


Data Interpretation + Puzzles


Day 16




Day 17


Trigonometry + Calendar and Clock


Day 18


Permutations + Probability


Day 19


Permutations + Probability


Day 20


Geometry + Quadratic Equations


Day 21


Geometry + Quadratic Equations


Day 22


Alligation and Mixture


Day 23


Interest [Simple + Compound]


Day 24


Numbers + Series


Day 25


Surds and Indices + Graphs


Day 26


Average + LCM-HCM


Day 27


Ratio + Proportion


Day 28


Partnership + Profit and Loss


Day 29


Remaining Topics



Day 30


Remaining Topics



Want more guidance? Ask your queries to our experts' team. Please drop your message along with your contact details to the Comments' Section and Let us reach you as soon as possible.



Prepare quick notes containing the short tricks and formulas at the time of exam preparation.

After completing the practice session for all the topics, focus on revising the learned topics with quick notes.

Use Memorizing Techniques to Boost your Brain Power.


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CSIR NET Part-A Preparation - 10 Tips to Crack the Exam!


It is not that tough to score in the CSIR NET General Aptitude Section. If anybody prepares well with the formulas and short tricks methods, then he/she can easily achieve the targeted score in this section.


Below we are sharing some easy tricks to make your preparations more targeted and scoring. Please follow the preparation tips strategies given below!


Manage at least 1.5 hours daily during the day hours to practice for this section.

Avoid Cramming! Instead, try to understand the methods and formulas to keep the solution tricks in your mind for long.

Prepare Quick Notes containing the formulas and shortcut methods at the time of practice.

Whenever you perform the revision, use these quick notes to recall the tricks easily.

Practice 10 CSIR NET General Aptitude Questions after completing a topic from the syllabus list.

Make it a habit to solve maximum questions in minimal time. Also, maintain the accuracy while solving them.

Take help of CSIR NET General Aptitude Previous Years Question Papers, Sample Papers, Mock Test Papers and Online Test Series to boost up your exam giving skills.

If you face any problems while solving the questions, kindly take help from your friends or go for the professional advice or subject matter experts.

Don’t get impatient if you are not getting the results!  Re-read the question and try to understand using logics and then solve or try to draw out the conclusions by applying logics and then find the solutions.

 Take care of your mental and physical health. Eat Well, Sleep Well and Study Well!



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CSIR NET General Aptitude Paper-1 Practice Tricks! Try 6 Best Tools to Refine Your Skills!


Nowadays, most of the aspirants prefer to do self-study but they can’t accomplish their preparation without taking help of some useful study resources.


These are the ‘essential resources’ which every candidate must have in his/her study bag.


Below we are sharing the list of CSIR NET Resources through which you can practice well for the General Aptitude paper. Please have a look!


CSIR NET Preparation Books

1. CSIR NET Preparation Books

Get an adequate amount of knowledge for the Topics that may come in the CSIR NET General Aptitude Paper!

CSIR NET Question Papers 2. CSIR NET Question Papers

Have a complete idea about the difficulty level of questions with the analysis of CSIR NET Past Years Question Papers!

Discussion with CSIR NET Experts 3. Discussion with CSIR NET Experts

Don’t let yourself remain confused! Ask your queries to Experts and get a quick response from them. 

CSIR NET Sample Question 4. CSIR NET Sample Questions

Polish up your Aptitude Skills by solving at least 10-15 CSIR NET General Aptitude Sample Questions daily! 

CSIR NET Mock Test 5. CSIR NET Mock Tests

Boost up your performance by solving the CSIR NET Mock Tests and taking Online Test Series! 

CSIR NET Quick Notes 6. CSIR NET Quick Notes

Use this quick revision mantra to recall the formulas and short Tricks during the CSIR NET Exam rush hours! 


Hope the above list of CSIR NET Practice Tools will help you in brightening up your aptitude skills.



Get all the CSIR NET Practice Tools for Free at Eduncle! Go Hurry!



CSIR NET Part-A Questions - Solve the Model Paper to Boost up your Winning Chances!


Based on the CSIR NET Previous Years Papers Analysis, Eduncle Experts have prepared a model paper for CSIR NET Part-A. In this Sample Paper, Eduncle CSIR NET Experts have provided total 20 questions along with their answer keys and solutions.


Tip: Try to solve the questions without taking help of the answers and solutions provided. After solving the complete paper, compare your answers with the solved paper and analyze your performance.


Please check the CSIR NET Part-A questions below –


CSIR NET Part A Questions



To get the CSIR NET General Aptitude Model Paper in PDF Format, please Register at Eduncle for Free!



“Eduncle is also providing free theory notes for CSIR NET Paper-1 PART A. If you want to add more points to your CSIR NET Scorecard, then you must take help of this free theory content.”


We hope that the above information will be very helpful to you in preparing well for the exam. To get more such interesting updates regarding the CSIR NET Preparation, stay tuned with us.


Kindly post your queries and suggestions in the comment section below.


Happy Preparing Candidates!



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  • Farheen
    Thanx for beautiful suggestion for a part. I want help in understanding core area clearly for c part and want to know how to attempt more b part questions. Your best regards
    Hello Farheen, Greetings from Eduncle! Thanks for sharing your queries with us! Part C of CSIR NET Exam for any of the subjects contains questions which require the complete the...
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  • Yadav
    please tell me how to prepare for CSIR life science it is so difficult for me because of my semester exam on may 2017?
    Hello Nisha, Greetings from Eduncle! Thanks for sharing your query with us! Firstly, relax and calm down. Don't over-strain your mind with the burden of preparing for your Gradu...
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  • Akash
    Thanks for helping us. Can you please help us to prepare part B &C of Earth Sciences? How should we approach the exam preparation for June 2019? Many thanks.
    Hello Akash,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    To prepare well for the CSIR NET Earth Science, you can download free sample study material, previous years question papers & model t...
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  • Ankur
    May I know graduation percentage matters in csir chemical sciences . I have got 50.7 in bsc and 61 % in MSc . Am I right for doing PhD after clearing net jrf
    Hello Ankur,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    The Graduation percentage does not require in CSIR NET exam. With min 55% marks in post graduation degree , you will be eligible to ap...
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    Hello Ankur,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    According to CSIR NET guidelines, candidates having minimum 55% aggregate marks in post-graduation can apply for the exam. As you have ...
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