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UGC NET Preparation Tips 2024 - Success Guide by Experts

UGC NET Preparation Tips 2024

NTA NET is one of the most renowned and prestigious national-level exams. Every year lakhs of students appear for this examination to become an Assistant Professor or JRF.

This makes NTA NET to be the toughest higher education exam. If you wish to qualify, then you must follow the proper UGC NET preparation strategy.

In this blog, we have provided the expert-recommended UGC NET Preparation Tips that consist of methodologies and techniques to help you prepare for the exam. 

UGC NET Exam 2024 Preparation Tips

Know the syllabus and pattern

UGC NET preparation books

Solve papers and online mock tests

Prepare self-UGC NET notes

UGC NET Preparation Tips for Time Management

UGC NET exam tips for Paper 1 and 2

Things to avoid in the UGC NET Exam Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions



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UGC NET Preparation Tips | How to Study?


To prepare for the exam, you must have an effective study plan, strategy, and UGC NET guide. Use the following tips for UGC NET Exam 2024 preparation.



Note Down the Exam Syllabus and Pattern 2024


The NET Exam is divided into 2 papers. Paper I is General Aptitude and Paper II is subject-specific.

Before starting UGC NET exam preparation you must know the complete UGC NET Syllabus for both the papers along with the Exam pattern.


Help you divide the topics as per marking weightage and importance.     

Help you properly plan your schedule to complete the syllabus.


Pro UGC NET Exam Tips: Create a customized study plan using the complete syllabus and UGC NET Exam Pattern.



Download UGC NET Syllabus 2024 Free PDF



Refer to Good UGC NET Preparation Material


To start your UGC NET preparation online, you must refer to the study material designed by the exam experts.

While selecting the UGC NET books For Exam Preparation you must keep some important points in your mind. To get good quality notes, get help from our UGC NET Study Material blog.



Help you clear your concepts and logic by covering the complete syllabus.

Provide a good number of practice questions with solutions.


Quick NTA NET Exam Tips: Choose the expert UGC NET study material that covers all the topics in an easy-to-understand method.


You can refer to the following table to get the quality study material. This study kit contains sample notes and practice papers that will help you start your UGC NET 2024 preparation in the right direction.




Solve Papers and Online Mock Tests


Solving questions is an important part of the UGC NET exam preparation. You must practice solving previous year's papers of UGC NET & mock tests designed by qualified faculty.



Help you recall all the topics that you have covered.

Help you increase your speed and accuracy to attempt as many questions as possible with maximum accuracy.

You can easily download the free UGC NET Mock Test 2024 and Question Papers from Eduncle.


Important Tips for UGC NET 2024 Exam: Set a time duration similar to the actual exam before you start solving the papers.



Prepare Self Notes


Preparing quick short notes is the best way for the UGC NET exam preparation. For this, you must write down and highlight important things while studying.



Help you quickly revise the topics you have already studied.

Help you compile all the important points in one place.


Expert UGC NET Exam Tip: Use spider diagrams, block diagrams, and timeline charts for short notes.



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Time Management


Time Management plays a very important role in NET q preparation.

You must properly manage time while preparing for the exam and during the exam time.

It’s not necessary to study all the time, just make sure you fully concentrate and focus on what you are reading during your study hours.



Help you utilize time in the most effective manner and prioritize the topics accordingly.

Help you attend maximum questions during the exam.


Expert UGC NET Exam Tips: Allocate separate time to every section of the syllabus to reduce confusion.


How to Crack UGC NET Exam 2024 in First Attempt


The Aspirants must know how to crack the UGC NET exam by knowing the basic tips and tricks to crack the exam. To crack the UGC NET exam, follow these key strategies:-


  1. Understand the Syllabus
  2. Create a Study Plan
  3. Use Quality Study Material
  4. Effective Time Management
  5. Priotise Strong Areas
  6. Constitent Revision
  7. Mock Tests and Self Assessments
  8. Practice Previous year's Papers
  9. Adopt Smart Guessing
  10. Seek Guidance

Students can also take the UGC NET Study Material and UGC NET Exam Preparation tips for better results.


UGC NET Exam Preparation Tips 2024 for Paper I & 2


Paper I contains questions from the General Aptitude Section.

The candidates are assessed in Paper I on the basis of their research capabilities, cognitive abilities, and teaching abilities.

Whereas, Paper II is conducted to identify brilliant candidates on the basis of their knowledge in the opted subject for the NET Exam.



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How to Solve Numerical Problems?


Read the question carefully to understand what is asked in the question.

Practice with solved practice questions given in the notes.

Understand all the formulas and have them at your fingertips.


UGC NET Channel


Steps to Solve the Problem:


Read the question.

Note what is given in the question and what is asked.

Then look for the formula that can be used to find out the parameter that is required to be calculated.

Solve the question using that formula.

Check your answer and steps to see if your approach was right.


How to Learn Theorems, Derivation:


There are many topics in the NET exam syllabus that include theorems and derivation. To learn the exam theorems, follow the steps given below:

Divide the theorem into 2 parts, the statement, and its result. You need to understand and learn both.

Try to solve and remember some problems where a particular theorem is applied which will give more clarity over understanding it.

Try to drive the theorem using the applicable formula.



Pro UGC NET Exam Tip - Stay Updated

Keep yourself updated with the latest news about the NTA NET Exam. It is important to have complete knowledge of UGC NET Notifications and Controversy.



Mistakes to Avoid UGC NET Exam 2024 Preparation


There are some very common exam mistakes that each student is prone to. To get the best out of your UGC NET preparation you must avoid such mistakes.

Below we have mentioned some major mistakes and UGC NET exam tips to avoid them.


Don’t be a Bookworm


Many students believe that UGC NET exam preparation includes studying long hours without break, as this will help in scoring good marks.

But for maximum output and efficiency, maintain a proper ratio of study hours and breaks.

You must spend time with your family and friends as well. This will help you stay stress-free.



Know what type of questions are asked in the exam by solving UGC NET Last 5 Exams Question Papers. Download Here


Don’t Focus on an Individual Topic


As per the expert analysis, it has been seen that many students spend more time on certain topics, which might make it difficult to cover the complete syllabus in time.

The UGC NET exam preparation requires completing all the topics. Hence you should divide the time accordingly.


Don't Use Shortcuts


To achieve success in the NET exam, many candidates take shortcuts like escaping topics according to their suitability. Picking shortcuts will never give you the desired result in the exam.

You can use short tricks to remember the topics but taking the shortcuts actually costs time.



Want to know about the difficulty level of Questions asked in the exam? Download UGC NET Previous Papers and get an overview of the paper.


Avoid Silly Mistakes


It’s human nature to make mistakes. But during UGC NET preparation you must avoid any kind of mistake. You should also be careful while attempting the questions.

Some of the common mistakes are:

Misunderstanding format of the test

Guessing too many answers

Reading the questions in a hurry

Not understanding the question

Spending more time on one question

Lack of time management

Check how to make your revision note for UGC NET Exam - Tips to Prepare UGC NET Notes for Revision



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Frequently Asked Questions about UGC NET Exam Preparation 2024


Here you will find some basic questions that are usually asked by many aspirants regarding UGC NET exam Preparation Tips. 

You can also refer to our UGC NET FAQ blog for more queries about the exam.



Ques.) How can I start preparing for the UGC NET exam?

Ans.) You must start your UGC NET preparation with the first-year syllabus of the master’s degree course. But before you start, you must check the exam syllabus and divide the topics accordingly.



Ques.) How to prepare for UGC NET paper 1?

Ans.) To prepare for Paper 1, you must cover all the topics given in the syllabus. Refer to UGC NET Paper 1 blog for complete information.



Ques.) How much time is required for NTA NET preparation?

Ans.)  NET Exam preparation requires a minimum of 3 to 6 months. But this depends on the hours you dedicate to your studies every day.



Ques.) Is the UGC NET exam difficult?

Ans.) The difficulty of the NET exam varies from moderate to difficult depending on the subject. You can get the complete NTA UGC NET Exam Analysis for each subject from here.



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In this blog, we have summed all the necessary UGC NET Exam Tips which you should follow during the exam, and also explained how to prepare for UGC NET.

If you have any queries regarding the UGC NET Preparation Tips, please share them with us in the comment box given below.

Boost your studies with expert guidance and doubt solutions, join India’s No. 1 Online Community. Download the UGC NET Exam  preparation App (Eduncle App) now.


Thank You.



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  • Monisha

    Hi sir I'm Monisha.I want to clear NET(English literature) so plzz guide me sir .sir I'm much confused about how to study and from where I have to start my preperation.And now only I have started preparing.can you give me some tips sir.

  • Ajeet kumar

    Hi sir.. I have completed my mba in information system management.. Can you please advice me whether i am eligible for ugc net exam or not? If eligible then which subject should i choose for exam

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    Hello sir my name Puja and i am net qualified last month but want to clear netjrf please guide me


    Hello Puja,
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    Hello, I am Sundari... I want to clear UGC net(management) Pls give some ideas and how to concentrate on all the subject.. And also Pls give study plan... Thank you


    Hello Sundari,
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    You can get the detailed preparation tips and proper study plan made by the experts from - UGC NET Preparation Tips.
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  • Divya

    May I know the M-TECH courses which are eligible for UGC NET Electronic science?


    Your Reply *Hello Divya,
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    Click on UGC NET Subjects and get to know about the subjects for which an M.Tech degree holder can apply for the exam.
    Thank You!

  • Gayatri Deshpande

    Sir I am enrolled student of eduncle please give me preparation tips for DI


    Hello Gayatri,
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    We have created a blog specially on Data Interpretation. You can read this blog to get best preparation tips from here – UGC NET Data Interpretation.
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  • Pooja

    Hlo sir, I m pooja I hve competed my pg in economics I just want to knw which books to refer for economics net exam


    Hello Pooja,
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    Click on UGC NET Study Material and get the best stuff for UGC NET Economics preparation.
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  • Neha Pachouri

    Sir i apperred for nov exam but failed to make it. I want to fresh start my preparation please suggest me good books for all the three papers , my subject is public administration.


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