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Top 5 Tips to Make Revision Notes for UGC NET 2024 Exam

Revision plays an important role in achieving success in any exam right from the primary level to the UPSC and Ph. D. Exams. Most of the students fail because they lack in doing the proper revision of the subject before the exam day.

It is the scientific review that a human mind is able to remember the present conditions firmly as compared to the past’. This is similar for the UGC NET Exam too!

Proper Revision leads to recollecting of the crucial topics and it becomes easy to retain them for a long time. Similarly, Revision Notes plays a major role while doing a revision of NTA NET Exam Preparation.

There might be the bundles of UGC NET Books and Study Material on your desk which probably you will never revise. This can be due to lack of time, over-burdened goals, lots of pending topics or anything. But revision is more important than anything else.

So, is there any way that can help you revising such huge UGC NET Syllabus in minutes?



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Yes, surely! The revision notes made for UGC NET Preparation can help you best in reconsidering your entire preparation journey in a quick time.

Here in this article, we have provided the expert recommended methodologies and techniques to make Proper Revision Notes for UGC NET Exam.

Doesn’t matter which subject you have opted, you can follow these tips to prepare effective Notes for your UGC NET Preparation.

5 Quick Tips to Prepare UGC NET Notes for Revision

Revision by Funnel Method

Spider Diagrams and Charts for short Notes

Use of Colorful Pens and Pencil

Use of UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers

Visualizing the Concepts



5 Quick Tips to Prepare UGC NET Notes for Effective Revisions


Here are some tips to make effective notes for revising the entire syllabus of the NET Exam. We hope that this tips will lead you to boost up your preparation level.



1. Make Revisions Effective by Funnel Method


Make analysis of the complete UGC NET Syllabus and separate them based on the -

Most Important Topics

 Important Topics

 Least Important Topics for Exam.

This helps to get the complete idea about the exact matter important for the exam point of view and you can revise them thoroughly just before the exam.

Let’s take an example of NTA NET Paper 1 which is common for all the subjects. Sometimes the direct questions are asked in the exam from the topics like. Formulas, Concepts Important Events & Dates, Famous Personalities and works, Discoveries and many more.

Make Unit wise separate notes for the topics important and related to your chosen UGC NET Subject. The Separate short notes are very helpful in learning the above topics in a short time span.



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2. Draw Spider Diagrams and Charts for short Notes


Making of Diagrams and Charts helps you to reconstruct the topic in your own way and helps to make sense of the concepts.

Use A 4 Size charts and make Spider Diagrams, Block Diagrams and Timeline Charts related to Subject topics. Link the Important data one by one in flow diagrams. You can also stick them on Study Desk Wall and revise them on regular basis.

The main aim of the Spider Diagram is to make interconnection between the Events, People and other topics. The Timeline charts and Block diagrams are used in the subject like History, English Literature, Economics, Mathematics, Commerce, Management and other data related subjects.



3. Use of Colorful Pens and Pencil


Use of colorful Pen & Pencils to highlight the important part of the topic is very helpful. Short Notes are made to make the revision procedure easier and highlighting the points.

Separate the colors based on the Topic Importance or standard, such as Yellow color could be chosen for the Important Topics, Orange for the Conceptual topics, Green for the Dates and Formulas etc. Use this format for the whole Subject and revise accordingly to the Color.



4. Use of UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers


The NTA NET Exam is held year to year and each time the Level of Questions are different. Well, it is seen that most of the Questions in the UGC NET Exam are repeated or the Questions from the same concepts are asked from time to time.

The UGC NET Questions Papers could be helpful to you in preparing the bunch of Important and repeated questions. You can grasp the Concepts and Formulas from those questions and use them in the exam.

After solving the question papers you can take help of UGC NET Answer Keys to analyse your performance.



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5. Visualizing the Concepts 


The Human Mind is easy to absorb the things that are in the visual form as compared to the topics it hears or verbally. While doing revisions take help from the Video lectures and the 3D techniques.

Attaining a teaching attitude by teaching your friends and classmates would also help you in doing proper revision. To make your notes safe and secured, always have the double copy of Notes in the PDF Format too. The Videos and PDF Format is also easy to be learnt while doing travelling and when you are away from your study desk.

Now you are well aware of the revision strategy, now be prepared to appear in the exam with all essential things like UGC NET Admit Card, Valid Identity Card, etc.



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Last but not least! Here are some tips that you need to follow while doing revisions –

 Get proper diet and sleep during the Revision period.

 Take some short breaks.

 Do regular exercise.

 Listen to music and hang out with friends for a while.

 The proper relaxation would be helpful to you in memorizing the exam topics for long period and provides productive results.



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We hope, this article is helpful for you to get the details about the Revision.

These were some Important Revision Techniques and procedures to make your notes for revision. You can make your Notes in a similar way and do your preparations for the Upcoming UGC NET Exam. Let your friends also follow these techniques.

If you have any queries regarding the NET exam, then share them with us through the comment box below.

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Thank You!!



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  • Manisha

    hlo sr, I want know that paper 1 questions are also repeat from previous years xam or not??


    Hello Manisha,
    Greetings from Eduncle!
    The questions are selected randomly in UGC NET. However the questions may be related or same as the previous year exam.
    Thanks for asking your query with us!

  • Sakshichandak2010

    I'm not able to download the free notes of NET December 2018 .. Kindly help.


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