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February 6, 2020 • 5:56 pm

Free CSIR NET Online Practice Test & Mock Papers – CS, LS, MS, PS, ES!


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CSIR NET 2020 is on its way. Your study table must be piled up with plenty of study books, previous years solved papers, sample theory notes, expert references, and a lot more similar study stuff. You might be confused to figure out what to study and what not!


In such strenuous situations, candidates wish to know about the important topics and questions that have higher weightage and are more likely to be asked in the exam.


CSIR NET Mock Test Papers & Practice Sets fulfill all your requirements! To provide you an enhanced practice environment and nourish up your preparations with the sure shot questions, Eduncle has come up with the exclusive set of CSIR NET Mock Test, Practice Questions Papers & CSIR NET Online Test Series.



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CSIR NET Mock Test Papers – Know the 5 Key Benefits of Taking Mocks!


As you all know, CSIR NET Exam is a tough nut to crack!


Solving only the CSIR NET Previous Years Question Papers can’t help you in bagging up enough scores! You must prepare hard to be a winner.


Then why to skip an opportunity? Below we are sharing a few reasons for why you shouldn’t skip taking CSIR NET Practice/Mock Tests before appearing in the exam.


Exams take students to high-pressure situations. But if one has already been through such a challenging phase by the way of mock examinations, it becomes much easier for them to handle the exam pressure and stress with ease.

Mock tests help you in evaluating your current performances and motivate you to make appropriate efforts to improve it.

It increases your accuracy & speed for the exam.

It provides you an exact idea of the difficulty level of the questions to be expected in the CSIR NET Exam.

By taking the CSIR NET Online Test Series/Mock Papers, you may have an idea about the No. of questions that you need to attempt in the given time limit.


In case if you fail in attempting enough questions for the first time, you may improve it in another test by laying out the required plan for the exam.


Once you’ll start taking the CSIR NET Practice Sets, you’ll know what strategy will work out the best to score high in the exam.



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When to take the CSIR NET Mock Tests?


As suggested by Experts, the best time to start taking CSIR NET Online Tests/Mock Tests is 7 Week before the exam.


By then you should focus on your basic CSIR NET Preparations and cover up the entire syllabus.


Note: Mock Tests should be taken in a proctored environment for better.



Free CSIR NET Online Mock Tests for All Subjects!


At Eduncle, we allow students to take advantage of solving CSIR NET Mock Tests and Practice Questions for free!


From the below table, grab the advantage of taking previous years papers, unit based test papers and mock test papers designed by Experts as per your desired subjects!



General Sciences (Part A)

Chemical Sciences

Earth Sciences

Life Sciences

Mathematical Sciences

Physical Sciences



As the CSIR NET Exam is conducted online, the Model Test Papers/Mock Papers will be available in PDF Form.



Official CSIR NET Model Test Papers:


S. No. Exam Name (Click to download)
1. CSIR NET General Sciences Part A (Common for all)
2. CSIR NET Chemical Sciences (Part B & C)
3. CSIR NET Earth Sciences (Part B & C)
4. CSIR NET Life Sciences (Part B & C)
5. CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences (Part B & C)
6. CSIR NET Physical Sciences (Part B & C)



How to Solve CSIR NET Question Papers? 8 Quick Tips to Follow!


As per the CSIR NET Exam Pattern, the candidates need to solve 55 or 75 questions in 3 hours. These questions can be from Part A, Part B, and Part C.


Therefore, the candidates need to prepare a wise time management plan and set priorities for attempting questions as per there weightage, calculation time and difficulty level.


Below we have shared out few expert tips which are well thought and experienced by the Subject Matter Experts and Analysts.


After a quick analysis of the question booklet, decide which section would you take first. Choose the easier one first!

You need to understand that the time allocated needs to be increased or decreased based on the difficulty level of the paper.

Attempt short time taking questions at first and solve them with 100% accuracy. Through such questions, you can bag up more scores. 

Use the expert strategies to solve the questions. (Take CSIR NET Expert Guidance for Free!) 

Whenever, wherever you get stuck with some lengthy calculations, stop and move ahead. Don’t invest in figuring out the final answers. Skip to the next question.

Keep the negative marking in mind.

Don’t panic! Move ahead with confidence and ease. Avoid taking the unwanted stress of other candidates’ speed and other mind diverting activities! Just focus on your AIM.

Verify all the answers carefully before submitting. 



Download CSIR NET Previous Papers & Model Paper to have an idea about the Question's Difficulty Level & Topics Ideas.



Important Mock Hacks to Remember!


You should take at least 3-4 Mocks a week.

For better practices, you make take Unit Wise Test! After the completion of all the units, take a simulated test and check your overall performance.

If you think, you need to improve yourself more then try out a different strategy to solve the questions.

Note down your errors and weak points and try to improve them.

Similarly, use your strong points as assets during the CSIR NET Exam.

Don’t be distracted while giving exam. Imagine that you’re sitting in the exam hall and examiner is watching you. Stay Concentrated!


CSIR NET Exam is for those talented people who want to pursue their career in Scientific Research, so the question paper is designed as per that brilliance level.


Taking Mock Tests or Solving CSIR NET Sample Papers provide you an insight into your performance level and help you in planning up key strategies to achieve success.


Hope the above article will help you in refining your knowledge well! Please share out your views, thoughts, and suggestions on this blog. We appreciate your effort in penning down your queries at the comment box located below.


We’ll try to get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Happy Preparing!