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CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences–Syllabus 2024, Books, Question Papers

CSIR NET Mathematics

If you are dreaming to proceed with your career in the teaching or research field after pursuing postgraduation in Mathematics, then you must appear in the CSIR NET Mathematical Science Exam which is conducted twice a year.

The CSIR NET June 2024 JOINT Exam is to be conducted in the month of June.

In this article, we have provided every single detail about the CSIR NET Mathematics exam to keep the candidates updated and also help them in preparing for the exam with the latest & updated syllabus, exam pattern, previous papers, preparation tips, etc. So, keep reading this article till the end.


Eligibility Criteria 2024

Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2024

Study Materials

Previous Year Question Papers

CSIR NET Sample Papers 2024

Preparation Tips for CSIR NET Mathematical Science 2024

CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences - Complete Career Journey



Let’s begin learning about CSIR NET Mathematical Science in a better way



CSIR NET Previous Years Papers and understand the Mathematical Sciences paper format in a better way Download Now.
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CSIR NET Mathematics Eligibility Criteria- Who can appear?


To appear in the CSIR NET Mathematics Exam 2024, you should be very well aware of the eligibility criteria and the latest CSIR NET 2024 notification for mathematics.

If any candidate who doesn’t fulfill the eligibility conditions, cannot appear in the exam.

To quench your queries that whether you are eligible or not, read the requisite conditions given below:

The candidates must have passed their Graduation or Post-Graduation Degree in Mathematics with 50% (ST/SC/PWD) or 55% (General/OBC) Marks.

The degrees can be any of the following -


Integrated BS-MS

BS-4 Years



Any equivalent degree.

The upper age limit to appear for the CSIR NET Jrf Exam is 28 years.


See the detailed eligibility criteria here - CSIR NET Eligibility Criteria 2024.



CSIR NET Mathematics Syllabus & Exam Pattern


It’s important to understand the paper format in a very well manner like, how many questions are asked in the exam and how much time is allotted to the candidates to attempt those questions, etc.

So, for this, please check the NTA CSIR NET Mathematics Exam Pattern from the table below:



No. of Ques. Given

No. of Ques. to be Attempted


Neg. Marking

Duration of Exam






3 Hours











Total Marks



After knowing the exam pattern it’s now time to check the complete syllabus.

A syllabus is an essential thing to begin your exam preparation.

Get adequate knowledge about the topics to cover from the CSIR NET Syllabus Mathematics PDF so that you can be aware of what to learn for the exam.

There is a vast syllabus for CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences 2024. So, many candidates must be willing to know the important topics as most of them starts their preparation with those topics.

So, we have come up with a list of important topics to keep your exam worries away during your preparations.






Differential Equations

35 to 40 Marks


Integral Calculus

35 to 40 Marks


Calculus of Variation

19 to 25 Marks


You can check the entire syllabus and detailed pattern here - CSIR NET Syllabus & Exam Pattern.



CSIR NET Mathematical Science Study Materials 2024


While searching for the best books for CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences 2024, you will land up amongst various materials. But selecting the few good ones idle for preparing for the exam would be an arduous task.

The exam is not that easy to qualify for, you need to be very well prepared for this exam, so do not compromise with the study materials.

Buy the one which can provide you with the correct knowledge and guidance to cover each topic wisely from the syllabus.

Eduncle which is India’s No. 1 Online Coaching for CSIR NET Exam is here to help you to get quality study material.

CSIR NET aspirants can take advantage of the following learning benefits at Eduncle –



Get the complete details about online study materials here -  CSIR NET Study Material.



CSIR NET Question Papers of Mathematical Science - Download PDF


Isn’t it amazing if you get an idea about the difficulty level of exam and type of questions that will be asked in the exam?

As it can be seen in the CSIR NET Mathematics Previous Papers that the difficulty level of questions remains very high. So, the candidates are advised to solve as many as CSIR NET Mathematical Science question papers as they can.

This will boost their speed and accuracy while solving the CSIR NET Mathematics Question Papers and give them an exact idea about the format of the questions and marking scheme as well.

In the below table, we have mentioned the list of CSIR NET Question Papers of Mathematical Science PDF.

You can get them all for free by clicking on the download button given at the bottom of the table.




CSIR NET Sample Maths Questions PDF - Solve & Analyze your Performance


Below we are providing some sample questions for CSIR Mathematics 2022 to make you aware of the difficulty level of exam paper.

Tip: Try to solve these 8 questions in minimal time duration.


Sample Questions 2022

1. For n ≠ m, let T1: Rn≠ Rm and T2: Rm ® Rn be linear transformation S.t. T1T2 is bijective, Then?

(A) Rank (T1) = n, Rank (T2) = m

(B) Rank (T1) = m, Rank (T2) = n

(C) Rank (T1) = n, Rank (T2) = n

(D) Rank (T1) = m, Rank (T2) = m

2. Let g(x) be the Maclaurin’s expansion of sin 2x. If sin 2x is approximated by g(x) so that the error is at most × 10–4 for 0 £ x £, then the minimum no. of non-zero terms in g(x) is?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 5

3. Consider the following subsets of R?

(A) Both E and F are closed

(B) E is closed and F is not closed

(C) E is not closed and F is closed

(D) Neither E nor F is closed.


4. Let A and B be any arbitrary square matrices of order 3. Then AB and BA have?

(A) The same eigenvalues and the same eigenvectors

(B) The same eigenvalues but may have different eigenvectors

(C) Different eigenvalue but the same eigenvectors

(D) Different eigenvalues and different eigenvectors

5. Let an= , for n Î N. Then the sequence {an} is?

(A) Convergent

(B) Bounded but not convergent

(C) Diverges to ¥

(D) Neither bounded nor diverges to ¥

6. Let V be the vector space of all polynomials with real coefficient. If W is the vector subspace of V generated by 1 – x, x2– x, x2 – 1 and x2 – 3x + 2, then the dimension of W is?

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4

7. The no. of elements of order 5 in the group Z25Å Z5 is?

(A) 5

(B) 10

(C) 24

(D) 25

8. Let f(x) = x2+ 1, g(x) = x3 + x2 + 1 and h(x) = x4 + x2 + 1. Then?

(A) f(x) and g(x) are reducible over z2

(B) g(x) and h(x) are irreducible over z2

(C) f(x) and h(x) are reducible over z2

(D) f(x), g(x) and h(x) are reducible over z2


Above shared questions are for demonstration purposes only. If you wish to get the complete paper, then Click Here and download more such CSIR NET Mathematical Science Solved Question Papers for free!



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How to Prepare for CSIR NET Mathematics Science Exam?


Like all other aspirants, you may be facing exam anxiety and thinking that whether you’ll qualify for the exam or not.

With a strong will to know how to crack the exam, you may be feeling like you are leaving out something to learn and there must be something different that you could do to nail more points in your scorecard.

To bring you above all the worries and anxieties caused during exams, we have come up with a perfect CSIR NET Study Plan and Preparation Tips.

Please check below –


CSIR NET Mathematics Tips



For more tips, you can visit here – CSIR NET Preparation Tips



CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences - Complete Career Journey


The CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences Career journey begins with the submission of an online application form.

After submitting it, the candidates must prepare themselves to appear in the exam.

Those who qualify for the exam for JRF will be eligible to perform research in any of the CSIR Laboratories and those who qualify for the exam for Assistant Professor will be recruited as a lecturer to teach University level students.

Apart from these, candidates can also go for PhD programs to add Doctoral or Post-Doctoral degrees.

There are many other options as well after clearing the exam. You can check all career options here - CSIR NET Career Scope.



Apart from these, the candidates also get a chance to upskill themselves with the following professional traits –


Creativity – Discovering new and easy alternatives to finding solutions to a problem.

Development – Design Mathematical Models and Techniques to generate quick results.

Learning – Gateway to learn new concepts and process information about CSIR Mathematics and Statistics.

Research – Make new discoveries in the field of Math and frame new questions. Exploring new dimensions and studies in the field of Mathematics.

Problem Solving – Ability to break problems into chunks and solve them with the simplest methods.



Download Free CSIR NET 2024 Model Paper



CSIR NET Mathematics FAQs


Below you can check and read the answers to the most asked questions regarding CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences Exam:


Ques. 1 - How can I prepare for CSIR NET Maths?

Ans - We have already given the tips to prepare for CSIR NET Mathematical Science Exam in this article. You can check the tips by scrolling up the article.


Ques. 2 - Which book is best for CSIR NET Mathematics?

Ans - Instead of purchasing several books, you can go for online CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences Study Materials that cover the entire syllabus of the exam and will also save your money.


Ques. 3 - How can I get the question paper for CSIR NET Maths June 2023?

Ans - You can download CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences Question Papers here.


Ques. 4 - Should I go for online coaching or offline coaching for CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences 2022?

Ans - Instead of going for offline coaching classes, you can prepare for the exam from online coaching. This will save lots of your time as well as money.


Ques. 5 - When will the CSIR NET Mathematical science exam be conducted?

Ans -  There is official notification about the exam dates, as per a recent tweet by HRDG, the CSIR-UGC NET exam will held on 07/06/2023.



Get Free CSIR NET Sample Study Material designed by Experts



Above we have shared the utmost knowledge and guide about CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences Exam.


Still, if you have any queries, then, please leave your messages in the comment box below and get your doubts resolved. Our team will try to respond you as soon as possible.


If you have any questions about Mathematical Sciences that need to be prioritized, then you can ask them using the Eduncle app which is India’s No.1 Learning Community for CSIR NET. Here you will get doubt solution from the nationwide exam experts. To ask doubts, download the Eduncle App.




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