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Blood Relation Reasoning Questions Tips & Tricks with Complete Example

Blood Relation Questions - Tips and Tricks

Aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams must be aware of the topic ‘Blood Relation’.

It’s counted as an important topic of Reasoning Section in Bank, SSC and other competitive exams.

Deep knowledge about Blood Relation and other such topics can achieve good marks in the exam.

The topic is based on finding the relations among the members of a family.

If you want to get detailed info about Blood Relation Questions and important tricks to solve them, then you are at the right place.

In this blog, we have catered important Blood Relations Tricks and tips to solve all type of problems.


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Concept of Blood Relation Questions


The Blood Relation Questions are most probably based on a family member. The Blood Relation Concept shows that how a person relates to the other members of the family.

Questions are made by using Blood Relation Tree that means presenting relationship by a tree or chain in family members like Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle, Niece, Nephew, Sister in Law, Brother in Law, etc.

So, before you start solving the Blood Relation Problems, learn about different kinds of blood relations in a family member. It will help you to solve the questions easily.

Here we are providing a complete Blood Relation Chart that can help you know about all type of Blood Relations in a family.

Scroll down to see the chart.


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Blood Relation Chart – Know About Some Important Family Relations!


You must know about each relationship in a family to solve the Blood Relation Problems without this knowledge it’s really hard to crack a single question in the exam.

Below we have shared the complete Blood Relation Chart that can help you to understand the relations between different members of a family.



Used Term

Father of Grandfather or Father of Grandmother

Great Grandfather

Mother of Grandfather or Mother of Grandmother

Great Grandmother

Father’s Father or Mother’s Father


Father’s Mother or Mother’s Mother


Uncle’s Daughter or Aunt’s Daughter


Uncle’s Son or Aunt’s Son


Brother’s Son or Sister’s Son


Brother’s Daughter or Sister’s Daughter


Father’s Son or Mother’s Son


Father’s Daughter or Mother’s Daughter


Mother’s Brother

Maternal Uncle

Father’s Brother


Mother’s Sister


Father’s Sister


Daughter’s Husband


Son’s Wife


Husband’s Brother or Wife’s Brother


Husband’s Sister or Wife’s Sister


Husband’s Father or Wife’s Father


Husband’s Mother or Wife’s Mother




We can branch the Blood Relation Problems in different categories like Single Person Blood Relation, Puzzle Based Blood Relation, Mixed Blood Relation, and Coded Blood Relations. Majority of the questions are asked on mixed type blood relations in competitive exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SSC CGL, SSC CHLS and other exams.

The Blood Relation Tricks are easy to implement on any type of problem in the exam.

Below you can check the blood relation question tricks to solve the problems.


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How to Solve Blood Relation Questions – Get Tips & Tricks Here!


Once you know about all the family member relations then the next step to attempt this Reasoning Question is to build a Blood Relation Tree.

To know how to make a Blood Relation Tree or Family tree, check the tips below in the article.


Blood Relation Question



As you can see from the above-given diagram, we have revealed the relations between A, B, C and D values.

The relations between these values which is described by using some prescribed signs is called the ‘Blood Relation Tree’ here and the given values A, B, C and D are used for the members of a family.

To draw a complete tree, you should follow the below-mentioned blood relation tricks.

To represent a male, you should use ‘+’ sign.

To represent a female, use ‘- ‘sign.

Vertical lines should be used to represent the relation between different generation like relation between Grandfather-father

Use‘=’ to denote couples and a single line to represent the relationship between siblings.

If there is a relationship which is not defined by the statement, then you should mention it by using ‘?’ or you can use any other symbols as per the suitability.


So, these are the basic methods to draw a complete Blood Relation Tree or Diagram.

You can practice these methods from the perfect Blood Relation Aptitude or Reasoning Question as given below –


Question – D is the brother of B, M is the brother of B, K is the father of M and, T is the wife of K. How B is related to T?


Solution –

You should try to draw the diagram as soon as possible. Just read the question and start drawing the tree as per given statements.

Once you complete drawing the tree by following the above mention blood relation tricks, the below-mentioned expression will be produced.

Blood Relation Question


As per the given statements, we can say that no gender is assigned to B value.

Following are the conclusion you will get after drawing the Tree.

D, B and M are siblings

K is Father of D, B and M.

T is Mother of D, B and M.

With the help of above-mentioned statements and diagram, we can say that T is the mother of B. But the Question asked is how B is related to T.

So, the conclusion is B is either Son or Daughter of T.

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Here, you have reached the conclusion of this blog.

We hope that the tricks and examples that we have shared in this blog are helpful to learn the concepts of Blood Relation Questions.

The most important thing to consider while solving the Blood Relation Question and Answer is, the relationship between a family member and for that, you can use the above-mentioned Blood Relationship Chart.

Start practicing through Test Papers and Previous Year Question Papers and boost up the speed of solving questions.




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