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May 29, 2018 • 12:00 am

14 Exciting Career Options After Getting Low Marks in Class 12 Exams

14 Exciting Career Options After Getting Low Marks in Class 12 Exams


A Truth – Life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to.


Exam season is here!! Students and parents across India have their Stress Mode ON. Scoring good marks is a great thing. But what if you don’t?


Many times, you might have read in the newspaper about students slipping into depression and commit suicide over low score in the examination.


Marks are important. Getting good marks is a great thing. In the competitive world, where job opportunities are less, good marks help in accessing the higher education or jobs. It is like oil which reduces the friction. But marks are not the only important thing in a student’s life. Life is much more than the marks.


Many people like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar etc. are great examples to understand that good marks are not the only factor to success.


So, if you scored below desired percentage? Don't Worry, in this article we will provide some career options for those who didn’t fare well in Exam. Here is the list of courses you can pursue, even with less marks or less percentage.



Career in Writing


Love Words? Have talent to juggle words and write down the thoughts effectively? If you love to pen down your imagination in your spare time, then you are a candidate for writing career.


For being a good writer all you need is the command over a language, knowledge about the topics and power to influence people.


Blogging, Script Writing, Creative Writing and Content Editing are some of the trendy options that belong in this category.



Career in Photography


Is clicking pictures of the people, places and the things that comes on your way? If Photography is more than a hobby to you, then you can enrol yourself in the photography courses.


Professional photographers are on the high demands as obsession of photography is increasing amongst the people day by day.


Wedding Photographer, Wildlife Photographer and Fashion Photographer are some of the options persistent in this category.



Career in Designing


Your love to colours, artistic skills, flawless sense of style and creative mind can transform your talent into promising career.


If you are looking for a colourful career, then there are no. of creative streams where people like you can thrive. Some of them are Fashion Designing, Interior Designing and Jewellery Designing etc.



Career in Performing Arts


If you are an expressive and creative person, passionate about your craft. If you have energy, patience and confidence in addition to practice and talent then, there are the chances you might become a performing artist in fields such as Music, Drama, Dance etc.



Career in RJ or VJ


Do you enjoy interacting with the people? Do you have a way to charm the listeners with your words, then an exciting, challenging and promising career as RJ or VJ might be made for you. These professionals are high in-demand due to the number of increasing events, gathering and social activities.



Career in Fine Arts


If you like to do drawing, sketching and have expansive imagination, then study of fine art can be a better option for you to turn your passion into earning. A fine art is a collection of art done to create a stunning thing. There are a number of career routes that you can take like Graphic Designing, Painting, Sculpturing etc.



Career in Sports


Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you want to make your passion a career? Many of the young lads like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal etc. have proven that sports can be a successful career option too. So, if you have a desire to perform outstandingly in sports, you can choose any sport of your choice.


Sports is seen as a hot career, which offers wide range of opportunities. Sport Persons, Coaches and Physical Teacher are some of the career routes you can take.



Career in Mass Communication


For the expressive people, Mass communication is a new career option which is quickly gaining the popularity with the young graduates all over the world.


Mass communication is the technology that is intended to reach to a large audience through the various communication platforms like Newspaper, Television, Magazines, Internet etc. After completing your degree course in Mass Comm., you can become News anchor, Tv presenter etc.



Career in Hotel Management and Hospitality


It offers various career opportunities for the candidates who love to serve people. India is a hub of tourism and attracts millions of tourists every year. The hotel and hospitality industry has seen a rapid boom in last one decade.


With the degree in hospitality, one can pursue different and attractive career options like Hotel Management, Hostesses in Airlines and Hotels, Flight Stewards and Chefs etc.



Career in Travel and Tourism


If one possesses flawless communication skills and love for traveling, a career in travel and tourism can be a potential choice path. This professional is all about sharing traveling and pleasant experiences while getting paid.


Though it had a slow take off in India than many other countries, the government's initiatives have uncovered a massive expansion and improvement for travel and tourism professionals. This uncovers a bright future for those who want to make career as travel agent, freelance travel writers etc.



Career in Marketing


Career in marketing attracts creative and driven individuals. If you think you got a way with words, people and strategies then marketing can be the best bet for you.


A career in marketing involves not only sales but also analysis of current marketing scenario, market research, structuring of techniques to increase profitability, development of business and many more things.



Career in BPO


KPOs and BPOs have open exciting job opportunities for the youths of India. This field employs Lakhs of professionals and gives them great salary packages with international working environment. The companies like Genpact, TCS, Infosys hire tele-calling professionals to offer services to their clients in abroad. A career in this field will enable the candidates with a promising future.




Career in Vocational Courses


Yes! It is not compulsory that everyone must become an Engineer or Doctor. One can also be a mechanic or technician. If you don't want to go for higher education, then you can pursue various vocational skills like Industrial Training Institute, front office operations, beauty and wellness etc.


ITI is becoming very popular now a day and can also fetch you the job you want. There are many govt. and private organization which hire only ITI's and Diploma candidates.



Career in Foreign Language


“A good knowledge of foreign languages can open a gateway to the wide range of careers”. In this course candidate are taught about the history of the language, accent and methodology, culture of language etc.

Interpreter and translator are the career options available in this field for the aspiring candidates.



At Last -


Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. – Gail Devers


Scores play a significant role in deciding your career path, but these are not the only means to be successful in life. Even if you have scored less don’t be disheartened, this world is full of opportunities.


Whether you are from Science, Commerce or Arts, there are plenty of courses available to choose from and make a right for your career choice.


Remember that scores are not the perfect parameters to judge your talent and capabilities