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Consider a vehicle going on a horizontal road towards east. Neglect any force by the air. The frictional forces on the vehicle by the road (a) is towards east if the vehicle is accelerating (6) is zero if the vehicle is moving with a uniform velocity (c) must be towards east (d) must be towards west.
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  • Ghost. thankyou
    if car moving with uniform velocity experience no frictional force then it should never stop, then it should be possible to cover infinite distance with uniform velocity because i...
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  • Ghost.
    option (c) is correct. Frictional force come into play whenever a object is moving doesn't matter whether it's accelerated or constant velocity & it always oppose motion, point of ...
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    according to HCV.. A AND B is correct
  • Ghost.
    where b is damping cofficent, or you can use f= u*N.
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