Pradip guin Asked a Question
July 29, 2020 3:08 pmpts 30 pts
is real analysis book of R G Bartel good for problems? if not then from where should I practice the problems of analysis?
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  • Shashi ranjan sinha Best Answer
    initially you can try some basic books like S k mapa...after that,in order to solve interesting problems so as to have the indepth knowledge of real analysis, u can try three volum...
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  • Pranav kumar thankyou
    Solve problems from S K mapa.
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  • Ujjawal vishal thankyou
    its indeed a very good book for problem, but if you are a begineer then you must do 1st sk mappa , shanti narayan or sc malik...
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  • Chandra dhawan
    for iit jam , there is no need to go deep in rg bartle .. you should try mostly last year problems and study material question problems.. sk mappa, shanti narayan or SC Malik....
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    Chandra dhawan
  • Deepak singh
    yes , rg bartle is best book. not only for iit jam but for tifr , cmi , isi very important .. rg bartle has many concepts and their proof ... that often are asked in tifr , cmi.. ...
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    Deepak singh
    yeah sk mapa and sc Malik is also good for beginners