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Expected Questions for SSC CGL 2019 - GK, Maths, Reasoning & English

Expected Question for SSC CGL Exam


Hello, CGL Aspirants!


The most awaited moment for all the SSC CGL Aspirants has arrived. The Staff Selection Commission is going to start conducting the SSC CGL 2018-19 Tier 2 Exam.


The exam is expected to be conducted from 11th Sept to 13th Sept 2019. At present, you all might be blended with numerous thoughts and feelings like - fear, confusion, excitement etc.


You all might have done with your preparation for the tier 2 exam and looking for the expected questions for SSC CGL 2018-19. To help you with an idea of the type of questions that you will be facing in the SSC CGL Exam, we are providing here the list of important SSC CGL Questions that can be expected in the exam.


Be it Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English or General Awareness, we have catered the SSC CGL Questions for all the sections in this blog below.



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Expected SSC CGL General Awareness Questions


Below we are listing all the important SSC CGL static GK questions related to Science, Polity, History, Economics, and Geography.



SSC CGL Science Questions (Physics/Biology/Chemistry)


Que: At what temperature the density of water is maximum?

Ans: 4 °C (39 °F)


Que: On what factors does inertia of the body depend?

Ans: Its mass


Que: Using which method, the purity of the metal is determined?

Ans: Archimedes Principle


Que: Which instrument is used to study the behaviour of vibrating string?

Ans: Sonometer


Que: To measure the wavelength of X-rays which device is used?

Ans: Bragg Spectrometer


Que: Law of inertia is also known as?

Ans: Newton's first law


Que: Is atmospheric humidity measured by?

Ans: Hygrometer


Que: What is the measuring unit for Intensity of Light?

Ans: Lumens Per Square Meter or LUX.


Que: Is heat converted into Electric Energy by?

Ans: Thermoelectric Generator


Que: Change in frequency or wavelength of a wave for an observer who is moving relative to the wave source is called?

Ans: Doppler’s effect


Que: What does SONAR stand for?

Ans: Sound Navigation and Ranging


Que: What are the outer of the human ear is called?

Ans: Pinna


Que: The branch of physics which deals with the study of the relation of heat energy with different types of energy is called?

Ans: Thermodynamics.


Que: Cloudy nights are warmer than clear nights, why?

Ans: Clouds reflect the radiations emitted by the earth at night and keep it warm.


Que: What is Fluid Density?

Ans: The ratio of mass to the volume of a body.


Que: The intermolecular force of attraction acting between the molecules of the same substance is called?

Ans: Cohesive Force


Que: Venturi tube and aspirator pump work on which theorem?

Ans: Bernoulli’s Theorem


Que: In Ohm’s Law I=V/R; what is R?

Ans: The resistance of the resistor


Que: Magnetic Compass always direct in which direction?

Ans: North-South (N-S) direction.


Que: The escape velocity of Earth is?

Ans: 11.2 km/s


Que: The fuel used in rockets is called?

Ans: Rocket Propellant


Que: What is CH2CHOH.CH2OH?

Ans: Glycerol, a trihydric alcohol


Que: Why is Chloroform stored in closed dark coloured bottles completely filled?

Ans: Because it is oxidized by air in the presence of sunlight to an extremely poisonous gas phosgene.


Que: What is the reason behind Acid Rain?

Ans: The presence of oxides of nitrogen and Sulphur in the air.


Que: The process “Vulcanization of rubber” is processed at what temperature?

Ans: 373 K to 415 K


Que: Which glasses are used for making lenses for spectacles?

Ans: Crookes Glass


Que: What is the chemical formula for Plaster of Paris?

Ans: CaSO4. 2H2O


Que: What is sodium hydrogen carbonate?

Ans: Baking Soda


Que: What is Universal Solvent?

Ans: Water


Que: What is the Ph level of Blood?

Ans: 7.4


Que: Which blood group is a universal donor?

Ans: O Negative


Que: Which body part is affected by the disease “Arthritis”?

Ans: Joints


Que: Diphtheria is caused by which bacteria?

Ans: Corynebacterium diphtheriae


Que: Which is the largest and strongest Bone in the body?

Ans: Femur (thigh bone)


Que: Which is the thinnest Skin in our body?

Ans: Eyelid


Que: Warm blooded animals with four chambered hearts are called?

Ans: Mammalia


Que: What is the chemical name of Vitamin B12?

Ans: Cyanocobalamin


Que: Which is the major site for digestion and absorption of nutrients in our body?

Ans: Small Intestine


Que: What are the Stages in the Digestive Process?

Ans: Movement-Secretion-Digestion-Absorption-Elimination


Que: The outermost wall layer of our heart is called?

Ans: Epicardium


Que: Which is the largest and main thinking part of the brain?

Ans: Forebrain


Que: Is cell nucleus also called as?

Ans: Brain of the cell


Que: Which is the Smallest human cell?

Ans: Red Blood Bell (RBC)


Que: Is insulin hormone produced by?

Ans: Pancreas



SSC CGL Economics Questions


Que: What is Production Possibility Curve?

Ans: It shows all the possible combination of two goods that can be produced with the help of available resources and technology.


Que: Does demand depend upon?

Ans: Price of commodity


Que: What is Price Elasticity of Demand?

Ans: The degree of responsiveness of quantity demanded to change in its price.


Que: What is Elasticity of supply?

Ans: Quantity supplied will respond to a change in price.


Que: In which market there are a large number of buyers and sellers?

Ans: Perfect competition


Que: What is price discrimination?

Ans: Charging of different prices from different consumers for different units of the same product.


Que: In Production Function, Q = f (L, K); what is K?

Ans: Capital


Que: What is an Explicit cost?

Ans: Actual payment made on hired factors of production.


Que: What is Break-even point?

Ans: The point where the firm will be earning normal profit.


Que: What is Surplus Budget?

Ans: A Surplus Budget is one where the estimated revenues are greater than the Estimated expenditures.


Que: What do you mean by Foreign Exchange Market?

Ans: The market where international currencies are traded for one another.



SSC CGL Polity Questions


Que: Constituent Assembly in 1946 was set up under which plan?

Ans: Cabinet mission plan


Que: Directive Principles of State Policy are borrowed from which Constitution?

Ans: Irish Constitution


Que: The Scheduled and Tribal Areas are described under which articles?

Ans: Article 244 to 244A


Que: “Right to Property” was deleted under which constitutional amendments?

Ans: 44th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1978


Que: Who is the executive head of the Republic?

Ans: President


Que: What is the tenure of the Lok Sabha?

Ans: 5 years


Que: President’s Rule is levied under which article?

Ans: Article 356


Que: Where do the receipts received, loans raised & the income of the Govt. of India are deposited?

Ans: Parliamentary Funds


Que: Who is the first legal officer of the Government of India?

Ans: Attorney General of India


Que: Name the only state in the Indian Union which has its own separate Constitution?

Ans: Jammu & Kashmir



SSC CGL History Questions (Modern/Medieval)


Que: Who discovered the New Sea Route “the Cape route” (Europe to India)?

Ans: Vasco da Gama


Que: Which treaty was signed by Haider Ali & the allies consisting of the Company, the Raja of Tanjore, & the Malabar ruler?

Ans: Treaty of Madras


Que: Which Indian city was renamed Alinagar after its capture by Siraj-ud-Daula?

Ans: Calcutta


Que: First War of Indian Independence was marked by which incident?

Ans: Mangal Pandey’s involvement in an attack on his senior British officers on 29th March 1857 at Barrackpore.


Que: Who was First Governor General of India by Government of India Act 1833?

Ans: Lord William Bentinck (1828-1835)


Que: Who formed the Indian National Congress?

Ans: A.O.Hume in 1885


Que: Rabindranath Tagore returned his Knighthood (title) in protest of which incident?

Ans: Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (April 13, 1919)


Que: The boycott of government affiliated educational institutions was the part of which movement?

Ans: Noncooperation movement (1920-22)


Que: Which dynasty ruled over Tamil Nadu & parts of Karnataka?

Ans: Chola Dynasty


Que: What was the time period for the Tughlaq Dynasty?

Ans: 1320-1414


Que: Who was known as “But-Shikan” (destroyer of the image)?

Ans: Mahmud of Ghazni


Que: Who was the ‘first & only Muslim lady who ever ruled India’?

Ans: Razia Sultana


Que: Who founded the Khilji dynasty?

Ans: Jalaluddin Khilji


Que: Who founded the Mughal rule in India?

Ans: Babur (1526)


Que: Who introduced Din-i-Ilahi?

Ans: Akbar


Que: The Battle of Haldighati was fought between?

Ans: Maharana Pratap and Akbar


Que: How was trade carried under Indus Valley Civilization?

Ans: Through Barter System


Que: Who founded Jainism in India?

Ans: Rishabhanath



SSC CGL Geography Questions


Que: Which is the brightest star after Sun?

Ans: Sirius


Que: Which planet is called as “Earth's Twin”?

Ans: Venus


Que: Imaginary lines drawn parallel to the equator are called?

Ans: Earth Latitude


Que: Where is Indian Standard Time fixed?

Ans: On the mean of 82 1/2°E Meridian, a place near Allahabad.


Que: What happens when travelers cross the Date Line from west to east?

Ans: They repeat a day


Que: Summer Solstice comes on which date?

Ans: 21st June


Que: The farthest position of earth from the Sun is called?

Ans: Aphelion


Que: Change in the direction of wind & ocean currents is a result of?

Ans: Earth’s rotation


Que: Volcanoes which erupt periodically are called?

Ans: Active Volcano


Que: Himalaya Mountains are which type of mountains?

Ans: Fold Mountains


Que: Which is the lowest layer of the atmosphere?

Ans: Troposphere


Que: Winds blowing from the Subtropical High-Pressure Belt towards the Equatorial Low-Pressure Belt are called as?

Ans: Trade Winds


Que: Cyclonic storms that develop over the warm oceans of the tropics are called?

Ans: Tropical cyclones


Que: Which is the lowest point of the Indian Ocean?

Ans: Java Trench


Que: What is the total coastline of India?

Ans: 7516 km


Que: What is the length of the Ganga River System?

Ans: 2525 Km


Que: Which is most suited soil for irrigation & can produce bumper crops of rice, wheat, maize, sugarcane, tobacco, cotton, jute, oilseeds, etc.?

Ans: Alluvial soil



Download 400+ most important SSC CGL Questions PDF for GK, Maths, Reasoning, and English!



Expected SSC CGL Maths Questions 2018-19


Below we have combined the most important SSC CGL 2018-19 questions that will surely be helpful for you in getting an idea about the questions that you may face in the exam. Please try to solve them using SSC CGL maths short tricks with complete accuracy.


Que: A fruit seller had some apples. He sells 40% apples and still has 420 apples. Originally how many apples he had?

Ans: 700 apples


Que: When a number is divided by 36, it leaves a remainder of 19. What will be the remainder when the number is divided by 12?

Ans. 7


Que: A farmer travelled a distance of 61 km in 9 hours. He travelled partly on foot @ 4 km/hr and partly on bicycle @ 9 km/hr. what is the distance that he travelled on foot?

Ans: 16 km


Que: A, B, and C can do a piece of work in 20, 30 and 60 days respectively. In how many days can A do the work if he is assisted by B and C on every third day?

Ans: 15 days 


Que: The average weight of 8 person's increases by 2.5 kg when a new person comes in place of one of them weighing 65 kg. What might be the weight of the new person?

Ans: 85 kg


Que: If a: b = 7: 5, b: c = 9: 11, find a: b: c?

Ans: 63: 45: 55 


Que: Four dice are thrown simultaneously. Find the probability that all of them show the same face.

Ans: 1/216 


Que: Find the compound interest on a principal amount of Rs.5000 after 2 years, if the rate of interest for the 1st year is 2% and for the 2nd year is 4%.

Ans: Rs.304 


Que: A man bought some toys at the rate of 10 for Rs. 40 and sold them at 8 for Rs. 35. Find his gain or loss percent.

Ans: 9.375% 


Que: A discount of 15% on one article is the same as a discount of 20% on a second article. What will be the costs of the two articles?

Ans: Rs. 80 and Rs. 60 


Que: A, B, C subscribe Rs. 50,000 for a business. A subscribes Rs. 4000 more than B and B Rs. 5000 more than C. Out of a total profit of Rs. 35,000, What amount will be received by A?

Ans: Rs. 14,700 


Que: n what ratio must a grocer mix two varieties of pulses costing Rs. 15 and Rs. 20 per kg respectively so as to get a mixture worth Rs. 16.50 kg?

Ans: 7 : 3 


Que: A 5 cm cube is cut into as many 1 cm cubes as possible. What is the ratio of the surface area of the larger cube to that of the sum of the surface areas of the smaller cubes?

Ans: 1 : 5 


Que: Calculate the area of a triangle with a base of 2 cm. and a height of 8 cm.

Ans: 8cm² 


Que: In a right triangle ABC, tan(A) = 3/4. Find sin(A) and cos(A).

Ans: sin(A) = a / h = 3k / 5k = 3/5 and cos(A) = 4k / 5k = 4/5



Expected SSC CGL Reasoning Questions 2018-19


The General Intelligence & Reasoning is the most logical section of SSC CGL Exam. You can expect the following SSC CGL reasoning questions in your exam. We have selected these questions from all the important topics in reasoning section.


Use appropriate logics and the short tricks you studied to solve these expected questions for SSC CGL 2018-19.


Que: Which of the two conclusions can be concluded based on given statements?


(1) Some parrots are scissors.

(2) Some scissors are not combs.


1.Some scissors are parrots.

2. Some combs are parrots.

Ans: Conclusion 1


Que: A, P, R, X, S and Z are sitting in a row. S and Z are in the centre. A and P are at the ends. R is sitting to the left of A. Who is to the right of P?

Ans: X


Que: Pointing to a girl in the photograph, Ajay said, "Her mother's brother is the only son of my mother's father." How is the girl's mother related to Ajay?

Ans:  Aunt


Que: Rahul walks 30 metres towards south then turns to his right and starts walking straight till he completes another 30 meters. Then again turning to his left he walks 20 metres. He then turns to his left and walks for 30 metres. How far is he from his initial position?

Ans: 50 metres


Que: In a certain code, TRIPPLE is written as SQHOOKD. How is DISPOSE written in that code?



Que: Statements: In a one-day cricket match, the total runs made by a team were 200. Out of these 160 runs were made by spinners.


1. 80% of the team consists of spinners.

2. The opening batsmen were spinners.

Ans: Neither I nor II follows


Que: Flow : River :: Stagnant : ?

Ans: Pool


Que: In a queue of children, Arun is fifth from the left and Suresh is sixth from the right. When they interchange their places among themselves, Arun becomes thirteenth from the left. Then, what will be Suresh's position from the right?

Ans: 14th


Que: In the series 7, 10, 8, 11, 9, 12, ... What number should come next?

Ans: 10


Que: Choose the figure which is different from the rest.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Ans: (1)



Expected Questions for SSC CGL 2018-19 from English Comprehension


The English Comprehension is all about basic grammar that you might have read in your school time. The SSC CGL questions related to English section will be following the format as given below.

All you have to do is to gather the basic grammar knowledge and put them into solving the questions given below.


Que: Complete the Cloze Test with the given set of word-

The queen bee has a life ___1___ of about three years. ___2___ this period, she would have ___3___ more than half a million eggs. ___4___ the queen bee is dying; a new queen would be groomed. This new queen would eventually take ___5___ the 'duties' of the old queen when the ___6___ dies.

(1) when

(2) unlike

(3) during

(4) member

(5) over

(6) laid

(7) together

(8) rest

(9) span

(10) latter

Ans: span, during, laid, when, over, latter


Que: My mother waved me goodbye and the bus _____ (1). The man sitting _____ (2) to me was a doctor ______ (3) to Kannur, _____ (4) participate in a conference.

Ans: (1) Started, (2) Next, (3) Going, (4) To


Que: Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 'D'. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).

A. We discussed about the problem so thoroughly/ B. on the eve of the examination/ C. that I found it very easy to work it out/ D. No error

Ans: A


Que: What is the synonym for CORPULENT?

Ans: Obese


Que: Fill the most effective word -

As the doctor __________ into the room, the nurse handed him the temperature chart of the patient.

A) is coming

B) came

C) was coming

D) comes

Ans. Came


Que: Express the sentence in Passive Voice -

After driving professor Kumar to the museum, she dropped him at his hotel.

Ans. After being driven to the museum, Professor Kumar was dropped at his hotel.


Que: Choose the correct verb-

When I was young I wanted to ___ a vet.

(1) be

(2) am

(3) is

(4) was

Ans. (1) be


Que: Select correct One Word Substitution for the given phrase -

One who does not believe in the existence of God

Ans: Atheist


Que: Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom “Between the devil and the deep sea”.

Ans. Between two dangers



Download 400+ most important SSC CGL Questions PDF for GK, Maths, Reasoning, and English!



Here we have covered all the important SSC CGL expected questions which will help you in adding good scores to your SSC CGL results. We hope you found this article fruitful in drawing the idea of the questions asked in the exam.


Please share this information with your friends who are going to appear in SSC CGL 2018-19 Exam.


All the Best for your exam 


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