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How to Prepare for UGC NET Economics 2020? Top Notch Tips by Experts

UGC NET Economics

UGC NET 2020 Model Papers


If Economics is the subject you want to proceed your career with, if teaching or research jobs fascinate you, then you are at the right place to get complete guidance for your career.

Doing master’s in economics needs a lot of efforts and devotion and if you already hold the post-graduation degree in economics, then it’d be easier for you to put little more efforts and crack the NTA NET Exam.


While the career in MBA, Chartered Accountant, and Finance are popular among youngsters, lectureship also holds a prestigious position in society. Research & Teaching jobs are considered as one of the finest yet most rewarding career options in Economics.


To guide you well about how you can design a worthwhile career in Economics field, we have here presented the complete details about UGC NET Economics Exam.


Here’s what you’ll read in the blog!


List of Top Career Scopes after UGC NET Economics

UGC NET 2020 Economics Eligibility Criteria

UGC NET Economics Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme

UGC NET Syllabus for Economics and Important Topics

UGC NET Economics Study Material and Preparation Books PDFs

Tips to Crack UGC NET Economics 2020 Exam

Solve UGC NET Sample Questions for Economics



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List of Top Career Scopes after UGC NET Economics


If you qualify the UGC NET Economics Exam, you’ll have one of these career opportunities in the concerned field.


Govt and Private Institution Lecturer

 Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

 An Economist or Finance Employee in PSUs

 Become a Trainer to Economics Students

 Economics Books Author and Editor

 Work as a Career Consultancy

 Statistician in Prestigious Private & Government Organizations

 Project Associate, Project Fellow, Research Fellow, Project Assistant in Economics

 Economist in Agriculture, Finance, Labor, Business, Research and International Fields



For more details, please click here – UGC NET Career Scope



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Pre-requisites for UGC NET Economics | Check them Before You Start Preparation


In the below section, we have provided three essentials for a smooth start to your preparation journey. Please have a look!



UGC NET 2020 Economics Eligibility Criteria


It’s essential to check out whether you are eligible for the exam or not. The UGC NET 2020 Eligibility Procedure is given in the table below, check out!


 Age Qualification


Categories Age Limit Criteria
General (UR) Aspirants Not more than 30 years (for JRF)
OBC/ST/SC/PWD/Transgenders Aspirants 30 years + 5 years relaxation will be provided (35 years for JRF)
L.L.M. degree holder Aspirants 30 years + 3 years relaxation will be provided (33 years for JRF)


There would be no upper age limit for the Assistant Professors.



Education Qualification


Categories Education Qualification
General 55% in Post-graduation or Equivalent Degree
OBC/SC/ST/Transgenders Candidates 50% in Post-graduation or Equivalent Degree
Ph.D. Degree (Completed Degree before 19th Sep 1993) 5% Relaxation in Percentage


The candidates those are in the Final Year of Post-Graduation and waiting for the results are also eligible for the lectureship Exam.




UGC NET Economics Exam Pattern & Marking Scheme


Its important to know about the UGC NET Exam Pattern 2020 before starting preparation for it.


The given table has the marking scheme in accordance with the new paper pattern by UGC Norms, please check out.


Paper Marks Number of Questions Duration
I 100 50 Questions all are Compulsory

 3 Hours

II 200 100 Question all are Compulsory


Note: Paper 1 & Paper 2 are conducted in a single three hour duration.



Download UGC NET Syllabus 2020 Free PDF



UGC NET Syllabus for Economics and Important Topics


While preparing for Economics, you will find each topic to be important as per the exam point of view. The NET Syllabus for Economics is vast and it’s not an easy task to cover the whole syllabus. So, you will get puzzled about what to study and what not.


But from the list of Important Topics in Economics, it’s not going to be a big deal for you to do preparations.


Below we have mentioned some important topics from the UGC NET Economics Syllabus. The prescribed topics are suggested by our experts based on the complete analysis of the last few years’ question papers.


 Micro Economics

 Macro Economics

 Statistics and Econometrics

 Mathematical Economics

 International Economics

 Public Economics

 Money and Banking

 Growth and Development Economics

 Environmental Economics and Demography

 Indian Economy

 Foreign Trade


 Theory of Probability



Keep yourself updated with all the latest UGC NET Notifications released by NTA.



UGC NET Economics Study Material and Preparation Books


Make sure you have right source of Study material and UGC NET Economics Books while doing preparations. Because it’s not possible to get success in the exam without having a proper guidance.


A strong knowledge base of major concepts & fundamentals associated with the subject of study can make it easier for you to prepare well.


There are many sources of Books and Study material in the market that claims to be the superior, but Eduncle’s Study Material is incomparable that provides a quality Education.


In such situation, Eduncle is always there to help you with the right guidance. Here, at Eduncle, you can get every possible help from highly skilled & NET Economics qualified experts as well as the study material & notes designed by them.


You can avail the UGC NET Economics Study Material, Books, Notes & Question Papers here.


To download the UGC NET Economics Notes, Question Papers, Syllabus, Sample Papers & Theory for Free, please check the table below –




How to Prepare for UGC NET Economics Exam?  Grab the Best of Experts’ Tips


What does it need to crack any exam? The right blend of study plan as well as preparation tips, Right? Not only Guidance but the efforts made in the right direction also ensures the success in the exam.

Read and follow the UGC NET Economics Preparation Tips given below and you can easily score well in the exam.


The Syllabus of Economics is lengthy so it’s very essential to Analyze the complete syllabus of Economics before starting the preparations.

 As the NET syllabus is huge and it’s not easy to the cover whole syllabus of Economics for NET. The UGC NET Question Papers would help you to prepare easily and will lead you in exam preparation.

UGC NET Paper 1 is the first phase of exam. For this, you can divide the whole syllabus into topics and sub topics according to the priority and complete them one by one.

 Working on the Diagrams and flowcharts is the best method for preparation. You will easily understand the monetary policies, income flow, and other topics of Macro and Micro Economics.


As the Economics is not a subject to just mug up, it’s very essential to get through the basic concepts to make complete grasp on the subject.


You can download UGC NET Economics Sample Theory to polish up your basic concepts.


 The best way to prepare for NET Exam is doing a complete revision of topics you have prepared.


Doing revision is considered as the best technique to remember the topics for a long time. Mostly aspirants run after the whole syllabus, but the best way is giving 100% to the selected topics that would take you to the success.



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UGC NET Sample Questions for Economics | Test your Knowledge


Solving Sample Papers’ Questions would not only help you in preparation but also enhance your confidence towards the subject. Take an appreciable challenge and prove your skills by solving the Sample Questions given below.Also check out your performance by UGC NET Answer Keys



Ques.1. The Firms in Perfect competition get normal profits overall because of? 


(A) Homogeneous Products

(B) Free entry and exit

(C) Large number of buyers and sellers

(D) Perfect knowledge of markets


Ques.2. Which of the followings is the correct to way for sustainable development to implement?


(A) Rich Nations would have to consume fewer resources

(B) Birth Rates in developed countries would need to increase dramatically

(C) Rich Nations would have to export environmental stresses to the other countries

(D) None of the above


Ques.3. Under Cournot’s model, the intersection reaction curves show the? 

(A) Price charged by each seller

(B) Output of each seller

(C) Both price and output of each seller

(D) None of the Above


Ques.4.  Census of India is being held regularly after every?


(A) 10 years

(B) 8 years

(C) 6 years

(D) 12 years


Ques.5. Who is the father of White Revolution?


(A) V Kurien

(B) MS Swaminathan

(C) JP Narayan

(D) Baba Amte


Ques.6. Which of the followings the basic characteristics of Oligopoly?


(A) A few sellers, one buyer

(B) A few sellers, many buyers

(C) A few sellers, a few buyers

(D) Many sellers, few buyers


Ques.7. In India, Inflation is measured by which if the following methods?


(A) Whole sale price index number

(B) Consumer Price Index for Urban Non-Manual Workers

(C) Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Workers

(D) National income deflation


Ques.8. What is the National Income?


(A) Net National Product at Market Price

(B) Net Domestic Product at Market Price

(C) Net Domestic Product at Factor Cost

(D) Net National Product at Factor Cost


Ques.9.What does the term “Sabbatical” relates to?


(A) Paid leave for study

(B) Paternity leave

(C) Maternity leave

(D) Quarantine leave


Ques.10. Which of the given owns the Land Development banks in India?



(B) State Governments

(C) Commercial Banks

(D) Cooperative Societies


Ques.11. Which of these is not a factor of Production?


(A) Human Capital

(B) Land

(C) Labor

(D) Money


Ques.12. Coefficient of correlation is independent by which of the following? 

(A) Change of Origin only

(B) Change of scale only

(C) Change of origin and scale

(D) None of the above


Ques.13. Which of the given are likely to limit the effectiveness of fiscal policy in the real world? 

(A) Time lags between the recognition of a macro problem and the implementation of corrective measures

(B) The Crowding out effect

(C) Political consideration which alter the content and timing of fiscal policy

(D) All the above


Ques.14. The movement along the Philips curve shows the unemployment rate and inflation rate are?


(A) Inversely proportional to each other

(B) Directly proportional to each other

(C) Changing in response to the shifts in aggregate supply

(D) Changing in response to supply side policy


Ques.15. Fei-Ranis’s theory of Economic Development is based on?


(A) Balanced growth during the take of production

(B) Importance of the agricultural production in capital accumulation in under developed countries

(C) Dualistic approach to the development

(D) All the above




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In this article, we tried to put our best efforts for providing essential information related to the UGC NET Economics.


If you face any difficulty in understanding any of the suggestions mentioned above, you can ask your queries in the comments’ box below.


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Happy learning with us!




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