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What will be the thickness of a moving oceanic lithosphere at a distance of 100 km from the mid-oceanic ridge, given the average plate velocity of 1 mm/yr? A. less than 50 km B. between 50 and 100 km between 100 and 150 km D. more than 150 km
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    plate moves 1 mm = 10^-3 m in a year time taken to move 100km (100 X 10^3m) = (100 X 10^-3)/(10^-3) = 100 X 10^6 years = 100 million years
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  • Veer vikram singh thankyou
    The thickness of plate increase from about 50km at oceanic ridge to about 110 kilometres at maturity. beyond which it remains constant.
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    Shivam sharma
    Still not able to understand
  • Veer vikram singh
    age of the plate = 100 km /1 mm per year = 100 Million years hence the plate has reached maturity and it's thickness will be about 110 km
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    Veer vikram singh
    hence option C is correct
  • Rahul pandey
    Answer (C) Between 100 km to 150 km Explanation: As you know that thickness of lithosphere increases with the distance from MOR. Thickness can-not increased always due to isostati...
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