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0. Consider the statements A-D regarding equations I-III: (n&Fe(CN).J* + [Co(CN):1> (IT) Co(bipy)1 1+[Co (bipy)]** TFe(CN),1+[Co(CN)s1 Co(bipy )»]"+ [Co*(bipy)] 2+ (1LD TCo(NHs)sF]** + [Cr(H,O)%]* [Co(NH3)s(H,O)]*" + [Cr(H,O),F]2* (A) Marcus equation is applicable to I and II. (B) Marcus equation is applicable to II only. (C) Equations I and II involve inner sphere electron transfer. sphere electron transfer. A and B& DEquations I and III involve inner The correct statements are: 1 2. 4 B and C C and D B and D could you please explain briefly about the Marcus equation as well.
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  • Angel
    Then all the options are wrong in this question right
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    d option means 3,4 statements correct
  • Lingareddy thankyou
    check it
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