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1) Pick an organelle..any organelle. Describe its function. 2) Name 7 organelles that can be found within the cytoplasm. 3) Describe the pathway that proteins travel from creation to exportation. 4) List various reasons to help support the theory of endosymbiosis. 5) Name two organelles that plant cells have and animal cells do not. 6) Which organelle creates ATP energy for cells? 7) Which organelle converts sunlight into sugar? 8) Which organelle creates ribosomes? 9) Which organelle fuses with the cell membrane to release proteins? 10)Which molecule holds the information to make a protein?
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    1) Cell Membrane. The thin, flexible outer covering of a cell and controls what enters and leaves the cell. 2) Cytoplasmic Organelles. By definition, organelles are the membrane-...
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