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October 9, 2020 12:36 pmpts 30 pts
1. Which of the following variables cannot be expressed in quantitative terms? (A) Socio-economic Status (B) Marital Status (C) Numerical Aptitude (D) Professional Attitude
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  • Shwetha salimat
    yes it's last option c
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  • Dakshayini Chaithra
    as per my knowledge numerical means number can be measured in qunatity
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    Rucha rajesh shingvekar
    correct. Qualitative measurements are ways of gaining a deeper understanding of a topic. ... Both are complex methods of rese...
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  • Dakshayini Chaithra
    Mam tel me about numerical aptitude
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    Priya gulani
    its related to how you deal with numbers.... calculations and all that
  • Rishab Soni
    D. Professional Attitude cannot be measured in quantitative terms cause it's subjective. There's no objective scale that can assess one professional attitude better than the other ...
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  • Priya gulani Best Answer
    d professional attitude as it is a quality
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    Dakshayini Chaithra
    how Mam explain plzz
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