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114. Sickle cell anemia is a recessive genetic disease caused due to a point mutation in the 6th codon abolishing one of the Mspll endonuclease digestion site present in the B-globin gene. Mspll digested DNA from a normal person gives two bands. 1150 bp and 200 bp. in beta-globin gene. A family with a proband (based on the disease phenotype) gave the following Mspll digestion pattern. The following conclusions were drawn: A)Son (I) is the proband and the given mutation is not present in Son (II) . B) The daughter is a carrier for the given mutation. C) . The gene is X-linked and thus Son (I) . becomes the proband. D.)The father and daughter are affected E.) A de novo mutation in same site on normal allele has allowed appearance of diseased phenotype in the proband ........... . Which of the following combination of conclusions wilt be the most appropriate for the fgure gven above?
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    1. A, B and E are correct. C statement is incorrect since it is not X linked...chr.11 actually have beta globin gene. for information: A group of disorders that cause red blood c...
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    sir please explain what point number E is saying...