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116. N,O, (g) 2NO,(g) At Equilibrium the partial pressure of both the gases are 2 atm each at 27°C in a closed container. f the volume of the container is doubled at the same temperature what will be the final equilibrium pressure of the container. (A) 0.16 atm (B) 1.16 atm (C) 2.16 atm (D) 1.48 atm
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  • Sanjay 1 thankyou
    kindly accept my answer ... solution is given in jpeg format
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  • Sanjay 1
    option C is the correct answer
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    Satish kumar kori
    Sir, the 0.16 ATM has come, so how did he come, he is not able to understand, please explain the details about him.
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