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129. Rainbows are formed due too I. passage of light in a non-uniform mediumn 2. diffraction and dispersion of light in a raindrops 3 refraction and internal reflection of light in raindrops 4. refraction and diffraction in clouds
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  • Kalyani
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    Anjuman behera
    how and why not 3?
  • Anjuman behera
    refraction and internal reflection of light within raindrops
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  • Anjuman behera
    at first I thought this should be the answer. but the answer is third one-
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  • Sajan sarthak thankyou
    Rainbows are formed .when Light rays, reach the drop near its top level. At first, there is refraction, then the dispersion of white light into colours of a different wavelength. ...
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    Sajan sarthak
    dear Anjuman please mark my answer either best or thank you
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