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13.For the following reaction, correct statement(s) lyl) nic is/ate' adiene CL ir-PPh PPhs Ph2 PhP CI heat ow. PhP PPha decaline A) Oxidation State of iridium increases from I to W (B) It is P-hydride elimination reaction H (C) (1) and (11) both are diamagnetic (D) It is migratory insertion reaction d T The correct answer is: = [CSIR NET JUNE-2018] (1) (A) only (2) (A) and (C) (3) (C) and (D) (4) (B), (C), and (D)
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  • Vaishali
    How Ir(Cl)(PPh3)3 is diamagnetic?
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  • Lingareddy 1 thankyou
    option b
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    Abhishek kisan dabake
    right ans konsa hai?
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