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15 Kinetic data for aenzyme that accepts two substrates shows typical Michaelis-Menten behavior when the concentration of one of the substrates is varied and the other held constant. However if the same experiment is repeated for different concentrations of the second substrate, then the resulting double reciprocal plots are found to be parallel to each other. What is the likely kinetic mechanism that is consistent with the other observation? (A) Random pathway (B) Ordered pathway (C) Ping-pong pathway (D) Theorell-Chance mechanism
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    Theorell Chance mechanism: in which there is an obligatory order of substrate association and product release without the accumulation of the ternary complex. The reaction proceeds...
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  • Sajiya
    Sir , plz give me some idea about the other three pathways too
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  • Anup padwal thankyou
    Ping-pong mechanism, also called a double-displacement reaction, is characterized by the change of the enzyme into an intermediate form when the first substrate to product reaction...
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