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The following is a schematic representation of a hypothetical pathway involved in formation of eye color in an insect species. White White pigment X pigment Y Converted by product of gene 'A Converted by product of gene 'B' Vermillion pigment L Brown pigment Mix of both the pigments leads to red eye color. Genes A and B are linked and have a map distance of 10cM. Females with genotypes a abb are test crossed. Further, in these females, the two genes are linked in cis. a and b represent wild type alleles, while a and b are null alleles. The progeny of the test cross have individuals with four different eye colours What is the expected ratio of individuals with eye color Red: Vermillion: Brown: White in the progeny? a) 9:3:3:1 b) 1:1:1:1 c) 9:1:1:9 d) 1:9:9:1 [CSIR NET JUNE 2017
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    answer should be 3. 9 : 1 : 1 : 9 because the 2 genes are linked so either both genes will be present or none is present. if both are present color is red, if none is present c...
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