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19 The sequences at the cloning site of three vectors are given below. The BamHI (GGATCC) and Hindlll (AAGCTT) sites are underlined. Only the sequences around the restriction sites are shown. The symbol"_ the sequences around indi- cates rest of the sequence. Vector 1: Promoter..ATGGGTCGCGGATC- CGGCTGC. AAGCTT Vector 2: Promote..ATGGGTCGGGATCC- GGCTGCT.. AAGCTT- Vector 3: Promoter..ATGGGTCGGATCC- GGCTGCTA.. AAGCTT Which one of the above three vectors is appropriate to clone the following ORF? ATGCCCAACACCCGGATCC- CG..TAAAAGCTT for expression? Give the reason in one sentence
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  • Anup Padwal thankyou
    All the three can be used as vector, because all have same restriction site for both restriction enzyme.
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    please explain.... answer is given vector3
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