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March 16, 2022 12:10 pmpts 30 pts
1f a segment of an mRNA molecule has the sequence 5 GUACCGAUCG 3, which of the following could have been the template DNA molecule? a. 5 GCUAGCCAUG 3 b. 5 GUACCGAUCG 3 C. 5' CATGGCTAGC 3' d. 5' CGATCGGTAC 3 Hha ciaht
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  • Omkar Ingale
    mRNA is made by using template strand which has polarity 3' to 5'. Template strand is also known as non-coding strand as it has complementry base pairing information with the newly...
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  • Omkar Ingale
    priya sarda you are wrong
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  • Priya sarda thankyou
    Pairing of strands follows pairing principle. That is A pairs with T; whereas C pairs with G.    One strand of DNA holds the information that codes for various genes; this strand ...
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    Barnali das
    thank u