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1f a segment of an mrna molecule has the sequence 5 guaccgaucg 3, which of the following could have been the template dna molecule? a. 5 gcuagccaug 3 b. 5 guacc

1f a segment of an mRNA molecule has the sequence 5 GUACCGAUCG 3, which of the following could have been the template DNA molecule? a. 5 GCUAGCCAUG 3 b. 5 GUACCGAUCG 3 C. 5' CATGGCTAGC 3' d. 5' CGATCGGTAC 3 Hha ciaht

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  • Omkar Ingale

    mRNA is made by using template strand which has polarity 3' to 5'. Template strand is also known as non-coding strand as it has complementry base pairing information with the newly forming mRNA. So the correct option is D. If you want further explaination I can explain it to you

  • Priya sarda best-answer

    Pairing of strands follows pairing principle. That is A pairs with T; whereas C pairs with G.    One strand of DNA holds the information that codes for various genes; this strand is often called the template strand or antisense strand (containing anticodons). The other, and complementary, strand is called the coding strand or sense strand (containing codons). Since mRNA is made from the template strand, it has the same information as the coding strand. option c


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