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2.10. Consider the high excited states of a Hydrogen atom corre- sponding to large values of the principal quantum number (n >> 1). The wavelength A of a photon emitted due to an electron under- going a transition between two such states with consecutive values of n (i.e. bn+1 ) is related to the wavelength Aa of the K, line of Hydrogen by TIFR 2012 (a) A = n"Aa/8 A = 4Aa/n2 (c) A = n*Aa (b) 3A = n'Ao/8 (d)
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  • Ruby negi
    solutions.. I used binomial in the calculation... here is a little mistake in the options, option b is correct but in option b 3 is in left hand side but it must be in right hand s...
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  • Abhishek singh
    Rhydberg constant is related to wavelength of k-alpha line of Hydrogen as , R = 4/(3*y° ). where y°= wavelength of k- alpha line. Now for transition from n+1 to n, where n is ver...
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  • Chandra dhawan
    see attached file.
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  • Dhairya sharma thankyou
    for hydrogen atom we can calculation wavelength for alpha line and whatever is asked. see the attached.
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  • Chandra dhawan Best Answer
    see attached file it's very helpful for you
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