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20. data within the computer is represented in (a) binary number system (b) decimal number system (c) octal number system (d) all of these

20. Data within the computer is represented in (A) Binary number system (B) Decimal number system (C) Octal number system (D) All of these the Ans is option A) but in the book given ans is D) which one is correct

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  • Priya sarda

    The Octal Number system is widely used in computer application sectors and digital numbering systems. The computing systems use 16-bit, 32-bit or 64-bit word which is further divided into 8-bits words. The octal number is also used in the aviation sector in the form of a code. Hexadecimal numbers are used to define locations in memory units of the system. Every byte can be defined as a two digit hexadecimal number instead of an eight digit binary number. Hexadecimal numbers are also used to represent the colors like red, green and blue on the webpages. so in all , all three number systems are used. so option D is correct.


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