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21. The intermediate [Fe(SCN)(H,O)s]is of reactiobn the in detected [Co(NCSs)(NH:)5]with [Fe(H2O)%] in aqueous producce to medium [Co(H,O)%1 and [Fe(H2O)61*. The mechanism of the reaction is 1. Interchange dissociative Interchange associative Inner sphere electron transfer Outer sphere electron transfer 2. 3. 4.
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  • Walimbe prasad
    The Inner Sphere and outer Sphere reactions are also called as redox reactions of the coordination compounds... While Interchange Associative and dissociative reactions are not a r...
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  • Walimbe prasad
    There is a transfer of ligands from one entity to the other, thus these reactions are also called as atm or group transfer reactions..
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  • Walimbe prasad
    It is an example of the Inner Sphere mechanism.. NCS acts as a bridging ligand
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  • Amit kumar nayak thankyou
    transfer of bridging ligand from oxidant to reductant is called inner sphere electron NCS is bridging ligand which was initially attached to Co metal but as a inter...
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    Amit kumar nayak
    is it clear or not
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