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21. When the elasticity of demand is unity, marginal revenue is always (1) Positive (2) Negative (3) Zero (4) Not known (2) FITF4 (3) (4) T i 22 In practice the reward paid to a factor depends upon (1) lts productivity and the price of the product it makes (2) Value of its output minus profit tax (3) General directives of the government (4) Its cost and thc price of the product it makes (2) 3H 3FYIEA aT6(-) aT 23. When VMP,> MRP,>P, we have (1) Monopolistic exploitation (2) Monopsonistic exploitation (3) Both monopolistic and monopsonistic exploitation y Neither type of exploitation r sou
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    21. When demand elasticity is unity, MR is always zero. The attached image will show you a graph that proves when elasticity of demand or AR curve is unity, MR becomes zero.
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