Saba Mansuri posted an Question
April 18, 2022 • 14:40 pm 30 points
  • Commerce

25. the train begins its return jourmey from bhubaneswar to new delhi seventeen hours after it has arrived at bhubsr eswar. if the train left new delhi on tuesd

25. The train begins its return jourmey from Bhubaneswar to New Delhi Seventeen hours after it has arrived at Bhubsr eswar. If the train left New Delhi on Tuesday on what day will it have returned to New Delhi? (Assume that on the returm journey that train maintains the same average speed as on the onward journey). (A) Thursday (B) Friday (C) Saturday Anchor (D) Sunday Anchor ........plz explain how it come Friday ....D.i question from usp of paper1

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  • Priya sarda best-answer

    see it starts on tuesday reaches Bhubaneswar Wednesday then afteer 17 hours it starts again so we assume approx 24 hours that is one day So Thursday it starts again so friday it reaches


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