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i dont understand how to approach this question. (28)A binary system consists of two stars ofequal mass morbiting each in a circular orbit under the infhuence of gravitational forces. The period ofthe orbit is T. Att=0, the motion is stopped and the stars are allowed to fall towards each other. After what time t, expressed in terms oft do they collide ? The following integral may be useful (x=r), J () 42 (a) 2
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  • Sanju lather
    yes, thankyou.
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  • Bidyut sinha
    No... please Check official answer key...answer is option we need to find time..not ratio of speed
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  • Bidyut sinha thankyou
    I have given detail solution in the attached picture
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    Sanju lather
    thanks for your time. Actually answer is 2.we need to find ratio of speeds.