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29. Given below are two premises (a and b). From those two premises four conclusions (i), (ii), (ii) and (iv) are drawn. Select the code that states the conclusion/conclusions drawn validly (taking the premises singularly or jointly). Premises: (a) All bats are mammals. (b) No birds are bats. Conclusions i) No birds are mammals. (i) Some birds are not mammals. ii) No bats are birds. iv All mammals are bats. Code (1) i) only (2) i) and (i) only (3) (ii) only 4) (ii) and (iv) only
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  • Aabha Mishra
    Azhar I m attaching the image of the solution I hope now it is clear to you
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  • Priya gulani thankyou
    optin c 3only No birds are mammals - not true as this conclusion cannot be drawn with the premises given Some birds are not mammals - not true as the premise doesnot say anythi...
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    Azhar mobarak
    f possible in diagram plz
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