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48. Which ol the 1ollowing will most likely occur in an economy if more noney demanded than is supplied? i (1) The amount of investment will increase (2) Interest rates will increase (3) The demand curve for money will shift to thc lelt A) The demand curve for money will shift to the right 9. In the country banks charge 10 percent interest on all loans. If the general price Icvel has been increasing at the rate of 4 percent per year, the real rate of interest in the country is (2) 10% (3) 6% (4) 4% (1) 14%
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    48. The right answer is (2) interest rate will rise. Just like any commodity, when the demand for money rises ahead of its supply, the price of money will rise. And price of money ...
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  • Nidhi taparia thankyou
    49. Option (3) 6% is right. Real interest rate = Nominal interest rate - rate of inflation.
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