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49. The hypothesis that the degree of inequality of income increases at initial stages and declincs at latter stages in the development history of nations has been propounded by (1) R.F.Harrod (2) Simon Kuznets (3) J.R. Hicks (4) T.W.Schultz tatt T uzai 8, f T sfaicaT? (1) T gE, is (2) gH. Fe (3)31T f (4) a. 3 J 50. Which of the following variable is not included in the calculation of compo- site HDI index? (1) GDPIndex (2) Education Index (3) Life Expectancy Index (4) Deprivation Index
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    49. The answer is (2) Simon Kuznets. This is the very famous inverted-U hypothesis propounded by Simon Kuznets. He stated that with economic growth, inequality first rises and the...
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    50. The answer is (4) deprivation index. HDI accounts for three things - standard of living (per capita income), education (literacy rate) and health (life expectancy at birth).
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