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58. According to the monetarist theory of inflation in any dp/dt dM/dt_ dy/dt M economy p where P= Price Level, M- Supply of P Tmoney, y= real income. Here shows (1) Price clasticity of demand (2) (3) Rate of growth of the economy (4 None of the above Income elasticityu of demand for money T- *IE5 Teta HT fei qelarren pdt dM ldt dy/dt P M (2 HT 3T4 (4) 59. Which af the followimg truely reflect structural unemployment ? (2) (31 (4 Ncw entrants into the labour force have trouble finding jobs Works are laid off because aggregate demand has fallen Workers do not have information about job openings Workers loose jobs as their skill are no longer in demand
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    58. the correct option is c the beta is considered to be the percentage of the rate of growth of the economy that affects the inflation rate( the changes in the price level in th...
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