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6. HEINE-BOREL THEOREM closdf bone A subset S of R is compact if and only if S is closed and bounded hat S is compact. To see that S is bounded is fairly simple Proof First we suppose that S is Con Let (-n, n). Then Uh = R n=1 ro S is covered by the collection of {. Hence, since S is compact, finitely many will Therefore S is Suffice. SE U..UI,) = n where m max{n,,.n Iherefore x| m for all x e S and S is bounded. Contact Us: Website www.eduncle.comEmail Support@ Call Us: 7665435300 29
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    is it complete
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  • Alka gupta thankyou
    correct theorem is this ...
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  • Priti umesh sambhudas
    plz explain in simple language
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